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fluffyb, Jan 5, 11:25am
Cramp Stop works like magic. Always keep it by my bed. Bought it from the Health shop.

deb8888, Feb 12, 12:59am
Suffered from cramps from toes up to stomach regularly. started taking 1/2 tsp salt in 1/2 glass of water before i go to bed. on reading these suggestions. omg. no more cramps

arden22, Feb 14, 9:46pm
Now please, DO NOT LAUGH!
Many years ago a doctor used to write a regular column in one of the Auckland newspapers. On the advice of one of his patients he put a few little pieces of cork in the pocket of his pajama jacket and that stopped his cramp. For year now I have kept a cork handy and when I get a cramp I hold in under my pillow. Yes, the cramp stops. Psychological effect! Before you laugh, just try it.

arden22, Feb 14, 9:48pm
Are you still laughing? I've recommended this to many people and their first reaction has been to suggest that it was what I drank out of the bottle in order to get access to the cork. But they soon changed their minds.

michelle_smith, Feb 15, 12:54am
my doc gives me quinine that might be because it takes me 10 months to use 60 tablets.

buzzy110, Feb 15, 5:31pm
But does it have to be cork or can you use the new, artificial cork that replaced real cork a few years back, before screw tops?

kiwitrader43, Feb 20, 5:12pm
I found changing salt from Pink Himalayan type back to Cerebos blue bottle with Iodine sorted cramping within 3 days.

kacy5, Feb 20, 6:26pm
Is that as well as the Trailmix, selenium and bananas?

coastalskipper, Nov 26, 9:22pm
Has anyone got any good ideas how to combat CRAMP?
But not Magnesium or Tonic Water. I have used both and they don't work.
I get it badly sometimes 3-4 times a night and I'm getting desperate.
Doctors won't give Quinine anymore.

bebe24, Nov 26, 9:43pm
Where do you get cramp? If it is in your feet and toes I have found wearing sox at night [even though I hate doing it especially now it is warmer ] helps so much. I saw this online once and tried it and it seems to work for me most of the time. Try it.

coastalskipper, Nov 26, 9:49pm
I get it most times on the instep of my left foot, other parts also but not as much. But always my left foot or leg. I am also diabetic.

kiwitrader43, Nov 27, 8:20am
Selenium from brazil nuts and potassium from large packets of raisin apricot mix.
Trailmix nut from supermarket helps too.
Sounds like your mineral trace levels are very low. Just top them up again.
A handful of pumpkin and sunflower seeds chewed before bed helps greatly too.
Stay off sugar, dairy and caffeine for a while.

annies3, Nov 27, 9:14am
Is it possible you are dehydrated ? strange enough this causes cramp, because of the low sodium if you sweat a lot, so drink lots more and see if there is a benefit,
Dehydration also causes pitting oedema due to the system trying to retain fluid. Our bodies are strange things and much more complicated than lots of people realise.

cleo444, Nov 27, 9:30am
Op, try a teaspoon of marmite when you get cramp. This tip came from a renal patient on here.

kacy5, Nov 27, 10:16am
I always get slammed for this but you can do it the better way in a pill form. My husband suffered badly from night cramps and restless legs until he did what was suggested by another sufferer. Every few months he would take a swig of selenium drench from what we had for our stock---never had it again until the odd niggle told him it was time for another slurp. In excess it is poisonous, as are many ingredients in 'health' supplements, but it sure worked for him and I have taken it on occasion which has helped muscle recovery.

airman, Nov 27, 3:26pm
Thanks every one for your good suggestions. I do drink plenty of fluids (water) especially just before bedtime,but I will look into the other suggestions. Sorry I am using my husband's computer as mine picked a sad this morning so it is away at the doctor.

bernie184, Nov 27, 5:24pm
I suffer badly and my husband was watching American football one day. They were playing in Florida and they were talking about the players getting cramp.
One coach swore by pickle juice. next time I got it bad, my husband bought me a tablespoon of pickled onion juice. Cramp went really fast. Tried gherkin juice and that works as well.

buzzy110, Nov 27, 5:42pm
I like this. I was going to suggest that maybe the OP is not getting enough salt, preferably salt with lots of minerals in rather than just plain table salt. Too much water tends to dilute salt and a diet high in protein also has a high water requirement leading to a lot more urination than usual. Each time you urinate there is a loss of salt; sweating also. Pickle juice, gherkins and gherkin juice are a fine idea along with anchovies, raw sauerkraut, umeboshi plums or any other highly salted food , along with the odd dose of magnesium.

But OP, if you have no obvious reasons for the cramp I think it would be remiss of us not to suggest that you consult your doctor. You may be on medications or have a physical ailment that could lead to cramp and which may prevent you from consuming salt.

I'd add here that I have a terrific bias toward salt. I do not believe that there is any reason that the body should not be provided with all the salt it requires which may make my advice unsuitable. Just saying.

bernie184, Nov 28, 8:26am
In my case it wont be a lack of salt as I do not limit it.
Ive seen a lot of people about my cramp as it can be so bad my hands cramp and my husband has to cut my food for me. Have had to give up any exercise that involves stretching, yoga and pilates etc.
The Drs have said that there is not always an answer and it seems to be hereditary. My brother suffers and my father was chronic.

taurus2005, Nov 28, 9:32am
Cut out potatoes and pumpkins for a few days. You will see the difference.
Also asparagus for me, I take a swig of salty water and comes right.
Using garlic in your cooking will also help.

kinna54, Nov 29, 8:54pm
When I was in hospital after my injuries and the hip operationn I was getting a lot of cramp right thru the arch of my foot. They put me on Norflex. yeah /nah. and used to alternate heat and cold packs on the foot . they bandaged them on. it did help. also I have tried magnesium. not great but they told me at the hospital that epsom salts contains magnesium and to soak in that. a few tablespoons in a bowl of hot water. it does help.

stekar, Nov 30, 2:45pm
try quinine in tonic water gd for cramps

ruby2shoes, Nov 30, 3:04pm
Eat bananas, I was told.

androth2, Nov 30, 3:11pm
Apparently if you have a twisted spine and sleep on your side you can get cramp as the nerves from the limbs go to the spine.Sleeping flat on your back can help. Sitting in a twisted position is just as bad

eljayv, Nov 30, 4:35pm
Funny I find banana helps, maybe potassium.

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