Hair thinning

kinna54, Apr 6, 8:30pm
Does anyone have any proven tips or products. fine blonde hair thinning as I age. I have always had fine hair but over the last couple of months my hair seems to have lost all it's omph. looking really fine and stringy. Does anyone have any tried and proven formulas. so many products out there it's confusing knowing what to choose

lythande1, Apr 7, 7:54am
Not really. It's like the guys but not to the same extent. Don't wear your hair pulled back or such.Avoid hair dye and perms, makes it worse.

retrogold, Apr 7, 8:21am
Try volumising moose and blow dry roots with head down so hair falls the opposite way it grows.

hidecote01, Apr 7, 8:33am
My hair loss seems to have happened about the time I started taking blood pressure medication.

korbo, Apr 7, 9:27am
eat lots of vegemite. not sure what the benefits are, but was told to do that when mine started thining. Also, don't let hairdressers use thining scissors.

mrscat, Apr 7, 9:32am
A lot of hair loss is due to medication, I know, so, research the medication you are taking and see the results. blood pressure medication is a good example of the cause of hair loss .

andrew697, Apr 7, 9:40am

sla11, Apr 7, 10:06am
Have a look at your gene pool. Have fine hair just like my Mother's. Do find taking Omega 3 capsules helps to thicken it up, don't blow dry it too much and try not to wash it more than twice a week. Rest is up to Mother Nature!

andrew697, Apr 7, 10:17am

mrscat, Apr 7, 10:20am
Interesting, my doctor has prescribed me multivitamins.

kinna54, Apr 8, 10:43am
Thanks for the replies. interesting re the meds. hadn't thought of that and had a lot of meds after my accident. also on celecoxib. wonder if that may be it. I do take wild krill *which is gross* daily so that should cover the omega 3 and I eat loads of fruit and veges.

Will do further research. Thanks.

buzzy110, Apr 8, 1:08pm
Have you reached menopause?

princess52, Apr 8, 1:45pm
Worth getting bloods next time you see your GP. Things like thyroid problems can affect your hair

tutifruiti, Apr 8, 5:25pm
I have been on tnf inhibitors and methotrexate for years and all of a sudden my hair texture has changed and thinned. I find it very depressing.

jbsouthland, Apr 9, 9:52am
I feel for you OP .
I am about to possibly suffer hair thinning due to procedure I am going through . been advised to try Nioxin shampoo and conditioners .Also will start taking hair , skin , nails supplements .

kinna54, Apr 9, 12:09pm
Thanks I will give that a try.

maggie157, Dec 3, 6:53am
When I started the menopause my hair went very thin and dry. Im now taking HRT and although its still slightly dry at the ends its much thicker and shiny again (and no more hot flushes!)
If you are at the age where you are about to start menopause it is likely to be the hormonal changes and there is probably nothing you can do unless you take HRT. None of the shampoos or conditioners I tried made any difference

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