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cleo444, Dec 17, 4:40pm
My husband had a heart attack last year, he came from a family where a large number of the men had had heart attacks in their fifties and all had died from them. In this generation, two of his cousins (not on statins) both died suddenly in their fifties (no hope of medical intervention).
One cousin, and my husband, both on statins, had a heart attack in their sixties and were saved by having a stent. Only one artery was blocked in each case. Others not affected.

Take what you will from that story, did the statins help save the two who were taking them? Is that why they were 10 years later having heart attacks. Who knows? but both are still taking them under the cardio's guidance. My husband is lucky that he has never had any side effects from statins. He won't be stopping them anytime soon, (along with his other meds).

venna2, Dec 17, 5:22pm
I've noticed that the people who describe bad side effects from statins haven't told us what dose they were on. I'm happy taking 20mg but wouldn't want to take a higher dose.

And of course, we are all different and our bodies react in different ways to medications.

Incidentally, I think we are very lucky these days to have these medications and procedures available. My father died of heart disease in 1955, aged just under 40.

buzzy110, Dec 17, 5:40pm
Out of curiosity do you think that if it was the 21st century when your father had heart issues, he would still have prematurely departed this Earth? Was care for heart patients at the same level then as it is now?

venna2, Dec 17, 8:14pm
Well, of course I'm no expert, and I was only a child when my father was ill, but I believe that care for heart patients has vastly improved since 1955. There are procedures now that didn't exist then, and of course advances in medication. Also, I believe that New Zealand soils being deficient in minerals such as selenium may have been a factor in those days, for most of the food we ate was grown in New Zealand. Now, even if we don't take supplements, we probably get more selenium etc from imported food.

Incidentally, I do generally believe we should eat locally grown produce. But when it's grown in deficient soil, that's not so good.

So a mixture of factors, but surely in general, heart disease (and maybe also cerebral disease) is less of a killer these days.

supern0va, Dec 17, 9:06pm
Ive been on statins for nearly 3 years as I have heredity high cholesterol (and confirmed heart disease in my 40's). I was on Lipitor 40mg for 2 years and now on Crestor 20mg. Did have some shoulder aches initially but went away and now years have gone by with zero symptoms. I only made the change as I'd read about Crestor and decided to be on that instead of Lipitor, not because Id suffered any side effects as such.

bryalea, Dec 18, 1:57pm
I was on Lipitor for about 8 months by which time my legs became almost none functional every evening and I was in a huge amount of pain. Having googled side effects and realising the cause, I stopped taking it. Took 3 weeks before I started coming right. Then I developed RA (which I think the Drs think was an after effect). 5 years later that seems to be abating, although I am on a scree of medication. Recent Cholesterol reading in the 7's, but Dr says my good cholesterol reading is high, exceedingly high, so counteracts any negative from the bad.

gsimpson, Dec 18, 2:49pm
I am on 40mg statin and no side affects.
I have fitbit and on a 12hr shift I do ~18000 steps an 38 floors doing my rounds. Never felt better.
My doctor said I had 10% chance a year of heart attack each year without taking it so to paraphrase Dirty Harry. Are you feeling lucky?

venna2, Dec 18, 3:04pm
Can you please tell us what dose you were on?

gsimpson, Dec 18, 3:21pm
Cycling is a good low impact exercise for legs. How about using an exercycle?
I got an electric assist cycle as my arthritis was getting to me. The assisted cycling has made me feel better even if I hesitate to enter racing.

otako, Dec 18, 6:41pm
Sally Morell dishes the inside story on statins, heart disease, food guidelines and why you should be eating saturated fat not polyunsaturated vegetable oils PUFA's.

Much the content in "The Oiling oif America" is from the work of Mary Enig a science researcher whose investigations lead to the banning of trans fats in the US last year.

gsimpson, Dec 18, 7:12pm
I have always had a normal fat diet but avoided processed foods and sugar. I still ended up with high cholesterol. I am afraid it is just a result of ones genes. The luck of the draw.

otako, Dec 18, 7:30pm
Morell explains statin anxiety is induced by pharma whereas the science shows high cholesterol is good for you and not a marker of heart disease rather oxidized small ldl which is more closely associated with high triglycerides. My opinion vegetable oils contribut to oxidation. Many people exercising in gyms still have heart attacks Bob Harper of the biggest loser an example

bryalea, Dec 18, 9:26pm
Think it was just a standard first dose. Can't find the packet now to tell you. I was only on it a few months. thought I was going to end up in a wheelchair it was so bad.

jesus2000, Dec 18, 9:35pm
Do you know how high? What was the LDL? HDL? Triglycerides?

dennyr, Dec 19, 9:14pm
Best to manage your health better than to take statins.

gsimpson, Dec 19, 9:48pm
Not sure but as I had heart surgery 20 years ago I have had regular checkups over the years. The cholesterol has steadily trended up. The doctors advice has kept me ok up to now. I eat normally avoiding fads and I can still fit clothes I have had 30 years. Before the heart op I took beta blockers and they did knock me about a bit but were necessary.

gsimpson, Dec 21, 7:31pm
One can be at the mercy of ones genes. In the past if you got lucky you lived as long as we do now. However, the reality was if you got past 50 you were doing well.

jase.and.jules, Dec 21, 10:11pm
Same situation in my family. Dad did have a heart attack, but it was small and 15 years later than his father’s first one.

moore., Feb 23, 8:08am
I had a heart attack, and now on Statins plus the other stuff. I was put on 80mgs Avorstatin, but have asked to go down to at least half of that. I get achey legs all the time is that a sympton of being on statin? GP wasnt too pleased about dropping the dosage - but prior to H/A my cholestorol, Bp, weight were all fine. It was just bad luck for me to have the attack as there has been no family hx at all.

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