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ingies, Jan 1, 12:53am
Watch Ivor Cummins on YouTube to have good explanations about why some people have heart attacks and what the numerous risk factors are that you can modify (much more then just statins) to prevent further heart attacks

gamefisher, Jan 1, 4:41pm
That 80mgs Avorstatin does seem to be a high dose I am only on 20mgs Avorstatin that's after a triple bypass and 4 stents (2 opps) prior to that. The only ache and pains I get are simply older age first thing in the morning but all good once moving and the secret is to keep moving as much as possible all day. Incidently I did stop taking for a while but made no difference.

moore., Jan 3, 9:23am
Yea, i dont know why I have to be on even 40 mgs (I chop them in half now) most people I know only take the 20mg.

socram, Jan 3, 9:30am
Poppycock. Being of a normal weight, non-smoker, decent diet, regular exercise, no medication or mind altering substances, virtually non-drinker, normal or even fractionally high or low BP & cholesterol, will not guarantee freedom from a heart attack - or cancer.

gilligee, Jan 3, 11:28am
Ditto, plus being teetotal.
Apparently it is all our own fault!

venna2, Jan 3, 4:07pm
My doctor told me that the benefits of statins are not incremental (I think that's the word I want - ie you won't get twice the benefit if you take twice the dose). Most of the benefit, he said, is in the first 10 or 20mg. I was on 40mg for a while, before asking him if I could go back to 20mg. I didn't have sore muscles on 40mg but did notice that my thinking was becoming fuzzy. I feel fine on 20mg.

Actually I don't think the word is 'incremental' - what IS the word for an effect that increases in proportion to the cause?

geeceejay, Jan 3, 4:51pm
I take 80mg was put on them cause was over weight and maori apparently i was high risk cholesterol was 5-7 okay no heart problems but hell is that what all the pain is in my legs between hips and knees am a male 56y old quite active but hips packed up with arthritis now .

phalanax, Jan 3, 5:25pm
Ive got just over 4 more months on statins ,antiplatelets (dapt) and a betablocker and something else the doc threw in for good measure (blood pressure). it hasnt been easy. my strength and endurance has taken a huge hit slowly over time. I am looking forward to it all dropping to a single aspirin.

venna2, Jan 3, 6:31pm
The word I was looking for is 'exponential'! I must remember this in future.

toiller, Jan 4, 7:41am
I have been taking Statins for a while. I had pains in my legs & as I have Osteoarthritis I thought that was the cause. I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. I had been to my Doctor who told me to take Panadol. After doing some research I stopped taking the Statins, most of the pain was gone within 10 days, my legs do not ache any more, I still have some pain from the Osteoarthritis but nothing like before. My Cholesterol has never been above 4 so I wonder why I was put on them in the first place.

jan2242, Jan 4, 8:50am
I am in 2 minds about statins and cholesterol. Mine is high and I did stop taking the statins for a long time, but now have large xanthelasma's with both eyes. How do I prevent that or get rid of them? They are lumps of fatty material accumulated under the skin on the inner parts of your upper and lower eyelids and I hate them.

bambam, Dec 15, 8:31am
discomfort in the legs. What do you do for it?

scottycat, Dec 15, 10:15am
Magnesium tablets every day. There are also various forms of magnesium spray that you can spray directly on your legs.

I was put on statins after having a small stroke a number of years ago. I didn't like how I felt on them and stopped taking them after discussing it with my GP. It was more prophylactic than anything else so I decided to stop.

venna2, Dec 15, 4:52pm
I've been on statins, 20mg day, for some time, and have no side effects that I've noticed.

sadmuddle, Dec 15, 5:19pm
I took statins and was told to live on cabbage . My legs and arms were so sore I gave up on them.Sooner die. I read something where if 100 70yr old men start taking them it will prevent three heart attacks but cause one stoke. The drug companies maybe? want every body to take them, It could the biggest con ever.

venna2, Dec 15, 5:42pm
Well, I had a stroke just a few weeks after my previous doctor took me off statins. So I'm happy to take them now.

sadmuddle, Dec 15, 6:01pm
Happen too quick to blame the doctor I think .

geldof, Dec 15, 7:12pm
Nothing this side of hell freezing over would induce me to take statins.
The side effects on your body, are awful and they don't prevent heart episodes.
i love my cholesterol. It's an anti inflammatory and vital to good health.
More people die from low cholesterol than they do from high.

ruby2014, Dec 16, 9:43pm
Very well said Geldof.

lythande1, Dec 17, 7:52am
Yes, friends dad had them, got a bloated stomach, wind, aching joints, all sorts. Docs back and forth, cardio, gastro, in the end they said he needed a bypass. Cause this is what affected digestion, so they said. This in a guy who mows lawns for a living, no issues at all other than the stomach stuff.
He stopped his statins, all symptoms cleared up, suddenly cardio is oh you don't need a bypass now. Gets new stain after telling them, new one caused his skin to peel off, like really, really bad sunburn, sheets of it.
Stopped that one now too.
Bugger the theory about them, and the effects they cause. Do you know the cardios who have shares in the company came up with this crap?

msigg, Dec 17, 9:38am
Well talk to the doctor, this message board is good to hear lots of stories, everybody is different, so true others made up, As you get older you will suffer more aches and pains, when you start new pills then some my not sit well with you, these can be modified, What I see is the people who can take the pills live alot longer than those that don't, people who start taking pills earlier do seem to have less complications, they become regular, others that start too old have lots of problems and the problems seem to become more phycological, then big problems. Be regular. This is my opinion. Each to their own.

venna2, Dec 17, 9:43am
That is sensible advice, msigg. As for me, I will continue to take 20mg statins. At one stage it was suggested I take a higher dose, but my doctor said the benefits are not incremental, ie you don't get twice the benefit for twice the dose.

catdog68, Dec 17, 10:41am
I take 10mg of simvastatin as I have inherited familial high cholesterol and diet made no difference in reducing it. As my Mum died from a heart attack at 57 and my brother and sister had heart attacks, I choose to take it and do not have any side effects. I will not increase the dose though as this dose works well.

buzzy110, Dec 17, 1:56pm
This presents an interesting conundrum. An acquaintance of ours was in exactly the same position as you and has been on statins as a preventative for a number of years. Everything was sweet. Bloods came back exactly where they should be on a normal person, etc. Then one day, not so long ago this person had a heart attack at exactly the same age as the father. Modern medicine worked wonders - i.e. heart by pass, to maintain life.

But the conundrum is this. Why did the heart attack happen anyway? All the medical evidence pointed to this person having dodged a bullet. It seems that the preventative meds did squat except keep this person in a decade long brain fog.The statins sure-as did not prevent plaque build up or inflammation.

kenw1, Dec 17, 4:19pm
Take them Yes
Problems No.

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