Moths in my woolies!

johnnom1, Jun 6, 10:05pm
Herro. not sure that this is the right msg board,,anyhoo got out all my winter jerseys from an old kauri chest. So many have holes in them . boo hoo. Any suggestions please?

androth2, Jun 6, 10:21pm
We used to put mothballs in with them but they have been withdrawn. You can still buy camphor blocks in Indian grocery stores which may work. You can also buy Clothes Moths traps to use, in a supermarket

lyndad59, Jun 6, 11:05pm
I do a lot of knitting & put all my wool in the big plastic containers from The Warehouse with the click lids .How big are the holes ,can you manage to sew them up ?

arabelle, Jun 7, 8:15am
Thaks for reminding me, I wore a merino top the other day, and noted as I took it off 3x small holes, will be fixing and then visiting a $2 shop to see if camphor is available. Havent had that problem for years

eljayv, Jun 7, 8:45am
I keep the zipped plastic containers new blankets, duvet inners, elect blankets come in and keep some knitwear in them plus hang a clothes moth trap in wardrobe. Can also hang the camphor wood balls or scatter in drawers

sue1955, Jun 7, 11:23am
I have just darned holes in 4 of my beautiful merino cardys. Then had them dry cleaned & pressed because I read on the Mr Pink Clothes Moth Traps I bought from the supermarket - "If you capture any moths in the trap, we recommend spraying the area with an odourless insecticide or dry clean at risk clothes". As an extra measure I bought zipped clothing bags for $4.00 each at Dollar King to cover them in.

amasser, Jun 7, 1:52pm
Lavender is said to deter them.

androth2, Jun 7, 4:48pm
When you can see the actual moths ,spraying flyspray is not really effective as it cant get onto the moths skin easily

deecee2, Jun 10, 2:21pm
I keep my merino in zipped clothing bags now too, after getting holes in some expensive tops. I make sure to close the hole where the coathanger goes through with a clip peg, and haven't experienced any problems since.

yapper, Nov 7, 3:55am
What is it with all these moths? I haven't experienced any trouble with my woollies for thousands of years it seems but will keep an eye out from now on with everyone having problems. Good to have the heads up.

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