Nail Polish Removal

dor1, Jan 15, 11:29am
Has anyone else used Express Nail Polish Removal by Mabelline. It is in a small jar and which you dip fingers in. Works really well compared to usual type of Removal. One dip in each finger and Polish completely gone. Problem is now seems to take all coatings off my nails and nails have become thin and brittle and breaking. I have always had very strong nails and wonder if this removal is the cause.

lythande1, Jan 15, 12:08pm
It's just acetone, cheaper to buy the actual chemical you know than those rip off tiny bottles.

vem, Jan 15, 12:13pm
Bizarre but I'm using a Sally Hansen topcoat as a basecoat at the moment figuring I'd use it up and it's the same thing right? Well maybe not, come the following weekend I can literally peel off the basecoat, polish coats and topcoat all in one go. leaving a perfectly formed nail shape made up of all the coats and a squeaky clean nail.

Pretty sure it's not good for my nails but I have to admit it's kind of fun to peel off.

dor1, Jan 15, 12:48pm
Thank you for replies. It is not small bottle but a smallish jar. The inside has foam rubber which you just work around your finger. Works brillantly in one go but taking all enamel of fingernails as well.

holly-rocks, Jan 5, 12:58am
Straight out acetone will damage your nails even more so I would not recommend doing that!

I use Orly brand, you can get it at the chemist / Farmers. Its cheap, gentle on your nails and is cruelty free unlike Mabelline

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