Fallen foot arches

vomo2, Jun 16, 4:41pm
My feet ache in the arches when I walk any distance. Whats the best treatment for this?

grouch, Jun 16, 6:00pm
I would buy some good inserts to put in your shoes and of course good shoes.

scottea, Jun 16, 6:23pm
Arch supports and a lot of exercising of the feet as in picking up marbles with your toes or balling up a small towel with your toes. And change shoes often as in not wearing the same ones all the time.

lythande1, Jun 16, 6:53pm
Generations of propaganda exposure have given people an arch complex.
The foot has four arches: the main long one along the inner border; a corresponding but lower one along the outer border; the metatarsal arch under the ball and a small invisible one called the transverse arch running sideways behind the instep.

Only two of them—the long inner one and the transverse arch—are "true" arches in that they remain arched on weightbearing, whereas the other two don't. All, however, serve the same basic function of absorbing shock and providing spring for taking a step.

Hundreds of millions of people of the world habitually go shoeless. Most of their standing, walking and working is on hard ground surfaces. Yet they have strong, healthy, trouble-free feet and arches.

Everyone speaks of "fallen" arches. Yet it's not known whether such a condition actually exists. There are some people with defective flat feet, but there is neither a known cause nor a cure. And no arch support in any form can prevent, raise or restore a defectively depressed arch.

lythande1, Jun 16, 6:53pm
See a foot doctor, it could be plantar fasciitis or something as simple as bad footwear.

catdog68, Nov 5, 1:49am
I started experiencing foot pain so went to a podiatrist. She said I have flat feet but the pain was plantar fasciitis. An orthotic insert helps. Bit of a pain though as I have to insert it each time I change shoes I wear. I also had the start of a bunion. The thing is I never wore high heels, did wear shoes with up to 1 inch heels. Was worried about the bunion as have seen how bad they can get so got myself a book from the library and am doing various exercises each day so the bunion doesn't get worse. Only one foot has been affected with the bunion and plantar fasciitis. Both have flat feet which I believe can be hereditary.

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