Wheelchair Taxi's

lyndad59, Apr 6, 8:08pm
I have to move my Dad from one Resthome to another not far from each other using a wheelchair taxi .Resthome has arranged it all & I'm just wondering if anyone has an idea is it more than normal taxi ? I just want to make sure I have enough money on me lol .Thanks

kinna54, Apr 6, 8:54pm
It used to cost my sister $20. to go from the rest home up to a nearby cafe. that is a wee while ago. so maybe expect $30. not sure if you can claim discount with the taxi tickets that are available thru Winz. and if the trip is for medical reasons or organised by the rest home they usually have to pay, but if it's for a private reason then the patient pays. Hope that helps

lyndad59, Apr 6, 11:03pm
Thank you ,whew I thought it might be much more expense :) He is moving to another home because he needs a higher level D6 dementia care .

hjrtraders, Apr 6, 11:04pm
Wheelchair taxis are a van with a wheelchair hoist and as such they run on a van tariff rate which is a little dearer than a car taxi. If you know the taxi company being used look up their website as they will have the tariffs displayed there. Most firms these days have mobile eftpos terminals so you can pay that way. Ring the rest home reception and ask as they'll know.

princess52, Dec 4, 2:57am
We had vouchers for my mum to partially pay for wheelchair taxis. The vouchers decreased the fare by about half.

Worth applying for if you might use them to take people out

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