patriciamay1, Apr 11, 9:00pm
I'm not a regular poster so sorry if this has already been thrashed to death.
I keep getting messages from Finitro in a variety of languages about a variety of products. Has anyone used these products are they worth pursuing or should I just keep deleting the messages. . Their unsubscribe link only ensures that the volume of emails increases.

shanreagh, Dec 2, 2:06am
'Google is your friend'

From Arthritis NZ newsletter of December 2012

'Arthritis New Zealand urges caution to people considering buying the health supplement Finitro Forte Plus, which claims
it is “. the most effective cure worldwide” for arthritis. The product’s advertising makes some strong claims about its
effectiveness, which it claims are backed up by “independent research”.
Both the Commerce Commission and the New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority have advised they consider this
advertising is potentially misleading, and Arthritis New Zealand agrees with this. Arthritis New Zealand is not aware of any
health supplement or other product that can cure arthritis.
People who are living with arthritis are warned to be wary of Finitro Forte Plus, or any other product that claims to cure
arthritis, because any such claims will almost certainly be misleading.'

Put them on your spam list and you will not be bothered with these emails.

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