Renal failure

stefanie1, Jun 13, 8:21pm
anyone recommend good websites/chat rooms etc. Cheers

rose-murray, Jun 14, 8:27am
I suffered from chronic kidney failure for 20 years (IGA Nephropathy) and went on dialysis in 2003. I was lucky to receive a kidney from a living donor in 2004 and am still well. I found dialysis really hard and living in a rural location meant contact with others like myself was pretty much non existent. It was early years for my computer and chat rooms etc not so common then. There was nothing NZ based available and I found the USA sites a bit hard to understand because they do things differently there and terminology was different. Perhaps this link might help. I am not much of a "joiner" so have not had much to do with The Kidney Society but they help a lot of people.
If you have any questions I would be happy to try and answer them for you. There are a couple of other "kidney people" who frequent TMMB and they may also be able to help.

waipawa, Jun 14, 3:39pm
All I can really suggest is going along to your local kidney support group meetings if there is one near you. Like rose-murray I only found US-based forums.

stefanie1, Jun 14, 8:48pm
thanks its really hard to make the meetings hence why I thought online chat would be good. at the moment its tiredness and diagnosis that seems to be the issue.

rose-murray, Nov 6, 3:45pm
Are you looking at going onto dialysis soon ? As your kidneys deteriorate you will be extremely tired. Just slow down and don't exert yourself. Do you have help at home ? Have they diagnosed a condition that has caused your kidney failure ?

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