Dr Frances Pitsilis

dollydot, Jan 2, 5:13pm
I hadn't realised she lives in NZ (and has for ages) thought she was still in Australia. I used to really like her on various medical programmes. Seems very real, excellent advice. Hope you find some one who has had consultations with her as word of mouth is really helpful. I'd say go for it if you can get to see her or afford to. She would be a very interesting motivational speaker too.

catlin3, Jan 9, 10:36am
Yes very expensive which is why it would be nice to hear of some genuine success stories ( thanks Mrs T ) difficult to afford, if the hype is true and she can help, money well spent but if not would be extremely disappointing - pity they don't offer a money back guarantee, lol.

tegretol, Jan 10, 12:36am
She's not on the NZ Medical Register. Doesn't that ring alarm bells?

andrew697, Jan 10, 5:00am

tegretol, Jan 10, 6:37pm
Yip, my apologies you are correct. My .csv of the Register is 2016 and doesn't include her.

princessboo2, Jan 14, 6:35am
I have a friend who went to her and I also heard her speak at a ladies seminar. She was great and made a lot of sense. My friend swears by her and her holistic approach and some of the other ladies attending the seminar were her clients and said how much she helped them feel "normal" again when they thought their life was over, feeling depressed, lots of niggly health issues that their GP intimated was "all in their minds" when in fact Francis balanced their hormones and other underlying unknown conditions and they felt "a million dollars" . better they had when they were in their twenties. Not cheap by anyone's standards but they said it was more than worth it.

catlin3, Dec 31, 12:34pm
Hi, has anyone been or know anyone that has been to Dr Frances Pitsilis for health problems? if so did she help where others couldn't?

truckie6, Feb 21, 10:58pm
I have a friend who is a patient of hers and is very happy with the results of the treatment, she did help where others couldn't and the results have been very good. Was very expensive. Mrs T

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