Any advice, 7 weeks sick

madoof1, Apr 2, 3:20pm
Does anyone have any advice please,
I have been sick for 7 weeks now, it started with a cold and now I am being treated for pnumonia. I am on my x3 lot of antibiotics,Roxithromycin and augmentin and Prednisone. I also take ventolin and symbicort.
I normally get this every year but this year I have got sick earlier.
I went to E.D the other night and my xrays and bloods are clear but Im still coughing up green (sorry) thick gunk.
I have no energy and feel flat, I am a non smoker!

kiwitrader43, Apr 2, 4:21pm
Go to health shop and buy bottle of liver flush and bottle of Black cumin seed oil. Cumin oil kills stuff and liver flush clears it out.
Cumin oil will strip fat so remember to eat properly.

kiwitrader43, Apr 2, 4:22pm
No coffee. Drink cocoa before bed with no sugar.

kindajojo, Apr 2, 4:59pm
See your doctor if things dont improve on Abs after a few days

grandmasue1, Apr 2, 5:00pm
Could you by any chance have Whooping Cough? My 48 year old son did, he was convinced that he was going to die. He started getting better after 100 days.

ferrit47, Apr 2, 8:21pm
Go to Doctor quickly

arabelle, Apr 2, 8:38pm
Have you been tested for Alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency. wont help this bout but knowing if you are one, then prevention for next time

jase.and.jules, Apr 2, 9:01pm
Ask for a referral to a respiratory physician who can give you advice on preventing and treating this.

lythande1, Apr 3, 7:12am
Continue with your antibiotics, don't go adding stuff, many herbal things can affect the effectiveness of the antibiotics.
And hope you don't have a resistant variety. messing with it can lead to that.
Husband had a nasty lung infection for nearly 4 months, the first doc messed about and it caused a secondary infection.

retrogold, Apr 3, 7:39am
Do you take probiotics following the antibiotics because your immune system must be shot, a good tonic might prevent you getting sick every winter also.

lillol, Apr 3, 8:31am
I'd go to a different Doctor. Sometimes a different opinion is beneficial.

kiwitrader43, Apr 3, 6:50pm
BUY SOME msm sulfur capsules. How clean are your sleeping quarters. Fresh sheets, vacuumed floor, laundromated bedding and white vinegar around windows for mould. If your respiratory tract is in trouble clean the place or get to hospital.

pilch11, Apr 3, 8:32pm
It shounds like you need lots of vitamin c and zinc, this site should help explain why

1happykiwi, Apr 3, 10:02pm
Stay hydrated. Hope you get well soon, sucks to be sick!

maggie157, Apr 9, 10:33pm
I would be very cautious about asking how to treat a serious lung condition on the message boards. I am all for getting advice from others but make sure the Dr is aware before you change any treatment and push for more tests if the treatment isnt working. Have they checked the stuff you are coughing up? My mum had a chronic lung infection and nothing worked but then one Dr treated her for a fungal infection instead of bacterial and thats what it turned out to be

princess52, Apr 10, 3:52pm
One of my friends got pneumonia 2 years ago. She was in hospital for 3 weeks and took a while after that to be well again. ETA, she’s a healthy/fit woman in her early 50s

We were all at a wedding and she and some of her family stayed here. We all got a nasty cold/viral illness. I reckon some of the guests brought it from overseas. Hers progressed to pneumonia.

I think they advised her not to wait to be seen if she gets a cold. She had had her flu injection too. Pneumonia is really nasty. Take care and follow your doctor’s advice. I’d be careful about adding too many “natural medicines” in. They can stop things working.

carter19, Apr 11, 6:52pm
Have you had a sputum test?

bethd754, Apr 16, 4:48pm
If you don't mind the smell of raw onions then this might help you clear up. Chop one big fresh onion then put it inside the jar by layering onions then two tables spoon raw honey and onion again honey until all done, close the jar and leave it for 24 hrs then remove all onions and the liquid put in the fridge and take a teaspoon three times a day or before bedtime.

ferrit47, Apr 17, 11:20am
Yes Maggie I agree with you. We arent Drs or Medical People here.

grandmasue1, Apr 17, 4:21pm
If it is a 100 day cough you possibly have about 30 more days to go.

kitty179, Apr 17, 5:23pm
PLEASE don't take anything you buy from a health shop without checking any possible interactions with your existing medication. Some reactions can be fatal or make you very ill indeed.

fifie, Nov 29, 11:02pm
Theres a nasty flu doing the rounds atm with a cough. Please dont mix health shop products with abs, without checking it out as others say. I had similar ended up with a lung infection. Abs i had wernt working so back to dr, and once he worked out i had a infection change of meds sorted it. It was a proper mongrel to flick.

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