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lythande1, Apr 7, 10:28am
I reduced our mortgage (interest rate). send off paperwork to WINZ Senior Services, all good. Wrong.
End up having appointment, discover rates, water rates and insurance figures they had are all wrong. never mind the mortgage.
Sorted right?
They also told me they are going to be doing away with staff and all interaction will be online only soon (beneficiaries also).
So I create login and take a look.
STILL wrong!

yet again I had to resort to a complaint to get it corrected. This happens every single time there is a change in expenses - up or down.

manager agreed it is an issue with winz systems (not the pCs she means). I pointed out if its going to be online only soon, best it gets sorted or it will be total chaos.

and how exactly will the paperwork thing work with online? Scanned? Emailed? They fuss about that now.

I wonder how many people trust them, they get it wrong, and they never know.
Happened to my mum, trusted them to have it right, despite my misgivings. 4 years later they tell her, yes THEY made a mistake and her pension was over payed, sorry, pay it back. Despite my mum having given them all the correct info.

grandmasue1, Apr 7, 11:49am
Life is much simpler if you are able to go into old age mortgage and rent free.

archer72, Apr 7, 2:26pm
You're in your mid fifties, you could be still working, thqt would enable you to put more towards your mortgage, so when you do reach 65 you will be mortgage free or near enough

lythande1, Apr 7, 2:55pm
Oh yes, so I could, if anyone would employ me now.
Sadly nanas are not wanted in IT now.
Yes I have tried non-IT work.
But of course, you then get the others have more relevant experience.

PLus last time I did, husband ended up in hospital with brain damage after a hypo.

xxsaffyxx, Apr 10, 12:27pm
Keep looking for work if you are wanting it. I'm nearly 60 and would love to be part time, but don't want to drop finances. I went to full time when I was widowed, and it was a case of having to as WINZ allowance whittled down to the same as students get. I'm a 'Nana' and have six grandchildren.

lythande1, Apr 10, 12:39pm
I have. Now how many times do I apply to the same companies? been through pretty much all the major ones more than once, and loads of minor.

None of which is the point. The POINT was the inability of WINZ staff to read simple documents. Time and again.

cs0630, Apr 10, 6:34pm
I totally get the point OP. I've been getting Childcare Subsidy for about five years and just recently I've helped my mother with her pension application. The amount of errors that WINZ have made over that time is ridiculous - if they were a private company they'd go out of business because no-one would want to deal with their mistakes, but as a state sector organization their mistakes are perfectly acceptable apparently. Plus, of course, there's the attitude and rudeness that accompanies the mistakes.

bassmo1, Apr 10, 8:44pm
I applied online, it was pretty simple but then had to go in and see them with some documents, mind you, I did turn up at 4pm so they were perhaps tired by then. I thought I'd walked into a zombie movie, they walked slow, looked tired and dispirited, get nothing right the first time, shoulders drooping etc.

xxsaffyxx, Apr 11, 9:15am
Yes, correct. Sorry, didn't mean to detract from main topic. I think it's a crying shame how they are reducing public contact, it is so impersonal. Hard enough as it is going to WINZ no matter what situation you're in. I was part of them for many years on Widow's benefit. And that even has been removed. It's all into one basket now.

spyware, Apr 11, 1:39pm
60ish is actually young. Aim to work until at least 75.

lillol, Apr 12, 11:29am
I'll have to work until lunch time on the day of my funeral!

camper18, Dec 1, 6:13pm
My hubby is 84 and intends working until his day of calling also. I pray he acheives it or he will be unbearable to live with.

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