Shingles, very itchy rash. help please

jenny791, Jun 13, 11:01am
My 90 year old Mum has Shingles. The blisters hve healed, but the remaining rash is very itchy. Doctor prescribed Pinetarsol soap substitute. This is useless. She is also using Loratadine.
She is now using 1% cortisone cream, which the Chemist recommended, which helps, but can't be used for more than a few days
Using the cortisone has enabled her to get some sleep. Can anyone advise any other products that work.

arabelle, Jun 13, 11:15am
Solosite is good, its a clear gel and also ideal for chickenpox scabs [similar virus]
If she gets another bout see she starts an antiviral immediately. IF in a rest home see that the doctor has charted it as a PRN so the staff can give it. She is too old for the vaccine so dont waste your money on that. Its an unfair disease to have

annies3, Jun 13, 11:16am
She probably needs to got back to her Dr and ask regarding the steroid treatment, she is 90 and if steroid helps it may be what the Dr would give her.

kacy5, Jun 13, 11:21am
Good old Calamine Lotion is still effective apparently.

jayemtoo, Jun 13, 2:05pm
talk to your chemist and get a mild moisturiser such as aqueous cream.

geldof, Jun 13, 2:13pm
topical coconut oil is very soothing.

shortsbandy, Jun 13, 5:59pm
The best relief that I have ever got is with calamine lotion.

jenny791, Jun 14, 8:57am
Thanks so much for all the advice.
So far calamine lotion is helping

flora11, Jun 14, 9:34am
Go Health have a Shingle product, I know someone who got shinges on the face and it was remarkable the recovery.

sunnyflower, Jun 14, 11:56am
I cant find a company called go health can you be more specific?

kitty179, Jun 14, 4:05pm
Could mean Go Healthy NZ?

flora11, Jun 14, 4:22pm
I will go check the bottle, I got it from the Chemist.

parryduck, Jun 18, 6:45pm
Natural option available at (Made in NZ)

camper18, Jun 18, 9:29pm
Hubby 85, came down with shingles a few days after we arrived in Australia on holiday . Doctor prescribed Aciclovir anti viral tablets to start and Lyrica tabs for 6 months to deal with any nerve damage. Excellent result and has had no lasting affects. The Lyrica is very expensive as not funded but so worth it. We were also giving him twice daily baking soda baths then plastering him in Calamine after. He said it gave him great relief.

starseeker, Jun 18, 9:42pm
Try to find a pharmacy which sells Eurax cream or lotion, it's great

veryunique, Jun 21, 4:33pm
try baking soda and a little water and mix into a thick pastes and cover the rash, this will enable to cool down the heated rash and will sleep a solid night.but recover with fresh mix of baking soda, when she start wriggling again, but gentle wipe the last pastes off with cold water (dabb) gentle so you don't irradiate the skin/rash.

nimmicky, Nov 3, 5:16am
The chemist did a mix of theirs which was anaesthetic mixed with calamine lotion. it was the best thing that worked for my husbands itch. had to dab it on with cotton wool in a well ventilated room tho.

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