Al-rehab Crown perfume oils

perfumeandchis, Apr 10, 7:42am
Hi im looking to buy some of these perfumes. I believe theyare in islamic or muslim shops. Does anyone know where i can get these please.

xrayer, Apr 10, 9:49pm

marree, Apr 10, 11:19pm
Perfumeandchis - "Al-rehab Crown" is based in Saudi Arabia. As for where to purchase here in New Zealand, I don't know. I doubt very much that you could purchase and import due to our customs restrictions. I'd say they are very similar to Egyptian oils (cannot be imported), however over recent years I have travelled to Egypt twice, bringing back oils, declaring in my luggage and without problem.

perfumeandchis, Apr 11, 7:43am
hi marree . I started this thread in community general as well and they are saying amazon ebay etc will ship here but i stated they wouldnt as they are a perfume oil. I really dont think they would send to nz re shipping regulations now. I dont want to onsell, I just want to buy some for my perfume collection

marree, Dec 3, 12:05am
Yes, I understand perfumeandchis - same here (for my collection). I see someone in "General" has suggested a store called Makkala in Mount Roskill - would be worth checking out.

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