Nose piercing to cover up red spot

jbsouthland, Jan 4, 10:53am
It may cause damage to an already damaged skin area .

uniracer, Jan 4, 2:07pm
But it will protect that basal cell carcinoma from further sun damage

annies3, Jan 4, 8:02pm
If it is a BCC rather than a SCC ! even some melanomas can start out red.
Op take care !

wendalls, Dec 20, 6:25pm
I think I would prefer a little diamond stud to the ugly red spot from a mosquito bite that is permanently on my nose right where a piercing would be. However, I am 48 and my kids all think it would be weird and I'd be judged. It is not that common around here and it will embarrass my kids. maybe I'll ask my older family members at Xmas. and my husband. actually he wouldn't be keen as he's had a conservative upbringing.
What do you reckon?

shanreagh, Dec 20, 6:43pm
My parents were horrified when I had my ears pierced at age 40. Similarly at age 30 I wanted a single green streak in my hair. I did both and the sky did not fall in.

Before going down the piercing route though have you been to a beauty therapist to see what they advise. My BT referred me to a specialist laser person who removed the bad red veins i was developing on my face. They might be able to remove the spot. They may be able to give you advice on if the piercing is a good idea as you may have sensitive skin, possibly as shown by the scarring from the bite, and face problems with the stud settling down.

I love it when i see quirky little statements of individuality on people you would not expect it on.

jenni90, Dec 20, 7:26pm
I believe in you do what you want and don’t worry about other people : . Age does not matter

lazkaz, Dec 20, 8:35pm
this, I cannot wear pierced earrings for example, I end up with terrible infections, no matter what metal I use, so annoying.

cleo444, Dec 20, 10:02pm
Maybe laser treatment might cure the red spot and solve the problem.

sue193, Dec 20, 10:08pm
Just do it. I'm a few years older than you and got mine done at 50 +. Kids love it but my husband thinks i'm nuts.(I am a bit)

holly-rocks, Dec 21, 10:14am
I say go for it! Just make sure it’s done with a needle not a gun :)

sue193, Dec 21, 10:56am
I got told this as well but ended up going with the gun. The guy that pierced it said 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other. Mine took about 4-6 weeks to heal. I got the butterfly stud replaced with a ring at about 3 weeks.

holly-rocks, Dec 21, 1:41pm
NO professional would use a gun to pierce a nose. Its extremely unhygienic (as they can not be sterilized property) and can cause damage to your cartilage. Guns use blunt pressure to push the stud through which creates more swelling to the area than a needle piercing.
I've had mine done for well over 25 years and even back then it was done with a needle, it healed extremely quickly too. I am glad your nose is ok :) but I would have run out of the shop if someone pulled out a gun on me.

bryalea, Dec 21, 3:02pm
Maybe your DR can freeze it off.?

lythande1, Dec 21, 3:54pm
Friend of mine is 52 and has had her nose done. What has age got to do with it?

kmole, Dec 27, 5:44pm
Then what happens when you don’t want the piercing in 5 yrs. then you have a hole that looks like a blackhead. get beauty therapist advice re laser etc first.

seashore, Dec 27, 6:32pm
Yes, what red spot! Seriously, has it never healed completely and you are wanting to disturb it? That would be stupid if not downright dangerous. It needs to be checked by your doctor and removed professionally. If they dont do it, they will recommend someone to. after that and a sensible healing period, go for it. But you have to be sure its not a developing mole with the potential to turn really nasty first.
A ring through the nose personally does nothing for me, ears pierced, yes, i like that and the freedom and ease of styles etc that permits. But they dont leak and need wiping the same as a nose.
Express your individuality any way you like but may sure its safe.

brightlights60, Feb 23, 3:41am
If its the spot you want to cover up, see a plastic surgeon, not one of these "cosmetic surgeons" or doctors, who know stuff all. If its a piercing you want, go for it. When I turned 40 I came home with a tongue stud which impressed the crap out of my family.

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