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lyndad59, Mar 10, 2:57pm
Can anyone tell me if they have had success with "home " hair colours covering the greys ? I just can't afford paying $159 every 6 weeks at hairdressers for colour & cut .I feel like I've tried all the supermarket ones & can't get a cover around the face ,I'm late 50's ,& like a blonde shade .Thanks

kiwitel, Mar 10, 3:56pm
I use L'oreal excellence 9.3 light golden blonde. Love the colour. After a few weeks the grey does grow back on the temples and in regrowth. My husband colours it for me. I tried the age perfect one but as it recommends you have around 70% grey I didn't keep using it.

nicky12455, Mar 10, 4:48pm this stuff is really good there is a cheaper one you can get it from chemist it is a coloured powder that colours hair temporarily,. there is also one called hair mascara which help hide the roots, goes on roots like mascara holds till washed out.

kenny92, Mar 10, 5:29pm
I have the same issues lyndad59. I've been using the cheaper supermarket ones like Nutrise and Nice & Easy but unless I go to a med. brown the grey isnt covered very well. Im going to try the more expensive supermarket dyes and hope they will be better, as I want to a medium blonde. Getting it done at a salon is too expensive for me as well!

lyndad59, Mar 10, 6:47pm
Thanks I will give it a try .I find the ones I have tried so far don't colour the greys around my face at all :(

kiwitel, Mar 11, 8:28am
The age perfect I found goes on a bit different.
Generally I use 9.3 with the L'oreal excellence cream, but in the age perfect I used the 8.32 Natural rose blonde, as the 9.31 age perfect colour was just too light when I tried it.
You may have to experiment a bit until you find the right one. The excellence range are often on special at Farmers or Countdown and even the warehouse.
There are other brands obviously, but this one suits me.

jan2242, Mar 11, 9:40am
I do mine all the time and they cover well. I also find the bought colours last far longer than the Hair salon colours and are a fraction of the price. My hair dresser has no problem with me supplying my own colour and agrees with the lasting of them.

shakirafan, Mar 11, 10:34am
I’ve found Schwarzkopf to be the best for my hair.

floydandu2, Mar 11, 12:47pm
ANother vote for the Loreal excellence or age perfect, the coverage is such that my very grey temples end up looking like a blonde highlight. I use the 8.3 to keep a warm, honey blonde going (natural colour light brown).
To stop getting that dye buildup on the ends and save a few pennies, I tip half of each tube into a container and only paint the front/temple/top. That way I can do it every 4-5 weeks, twice from each box. I have very long hair, but the colour looks pretty good.

cameron-albany, Mar 11, 1:48pm
Following this thread. I too have this issue. I've only got about 20% grey and my natural colour is dark blonde but now that I've got rid of almost all the previous salon-highlights (blonde) I want to try and get a semi-permanent colour and do it myself. $200 every 8 weeks is just beyond my budget. Up till about 3 months ago I was using the L'Oreal spray-on which covered the greys around temples but it's getting a bit beyond that too now :-(

cameron-albany, Mar 11, 1:51pm
floydandu2 - that sounds like the one I need. With the grey, does it turn it more of an ash colour?

pattym1, Mar 12, 2:41pm
I have just come through a year and a half of biting the bullet and growing my grey hair out. No more colouring. I use violet shampoos to stop it going brassy and I am so happy with the colour - its a dark silver grey. so now the six weekly trip to the hair dressers is $50 to maintain the cut - I know its not for every body but if you can stand it - its so liberating - i am in my mid fifties

floydandu2, Mar 22, 11:35am
No, it is definitely a warm colour - I've never had any issues with my greys going ash blonde. I use the 8.32 natural rose gold, but that seems to have been removed, but anything in that colour range (8.3ish) works.

lythande1, Mar 22, 1:23pm
I've always bought the cheapest supermarket stuff and DIY, using not even all the pack.
Works just fine and I wash my hair daily.

I don't do it all the time, just once a year or so when I think oh so much white in there. then I get sick of flat paint look dye and go off it again.

But it covers it just fine. I do comb it through after applying, friend (hairdresser) said good idea.

madj, Mar 22, 9:29pm
For those that live in Wellington, the little salon store at the back of outlet city in Tawa has salon colours from $10 a tube, this is the same as the hairdressers use. All you need is the bowl and applicator brush, some developer (which is a huge bottle and lasts for ages) and you then can get salon advice (the guy there is excellent for advising what to get). I bought the developer for $20 (still heaps left and had it probably 12 months) and every couple of months go and buy a colour for $10 (some do cost up to $30 a tube but that is still cheaper than going to a hair salon). It isn't that hard to apply, washes out better than the supermarket brands and have had zero issues with grey coverage (covers them every time). Also sells salon brand products for much less and some great specials. Well worth a look.

gerbil, Mar 22, 9:44pm
Some hair is just naturally more resistant to tint. There are things professional hairdressers can do to tackle it but it can lead to a very one-colour dyed look. So I just put up with the bit round my ears looking a bit lighter than the rest of my colour. It is best to put the tint on the most resistant hairs first and to give a bit extra processing time.

sarahb5, Mar 22, 11:01pm
I did the same - covering them up got too expensive and my skin tone changed too so actually the grey works. I buy L’Oreals purple shampoo for blonde/grey hair and it gives a good shine and a slightly purplish tint to the white hairs. About once a month I use Schwarzkopf silver toner (about $6) which helps the condition and stops any yellowing.

sallybess, Mar 25, 4:20pm
I use Garner Nutrisse From the super market ,buy it when on special .i use dark blonde no 7 and blonde no 9 and mix half of each together.i found the dark blonde on it own to dark and the grey roots would show up more .now mixing the two together i get a nice blonde shade and the grey roots don;t show as much Ii recolour every 6 weeks .I think our hair is coarser around our temples so the colour doesn.t take as well.

cameron-albany, Mar 25, 4:51pm
Ok - I took the plunge and did mine last week with a L'Oreal Casting Creme in Amber. It's obviously made my hair a few shades darker but has covered up the greys and I look a bit red-headish. I got lots of good comments, and it's made my eyes look bluer

I decided to go darker rather than lighter as it's only a semi-permanent so I can see if I like it or not and then just go back to more blonde later (the Creme Casting have a caramel one too which I think might be quite good for when I start to go VERY grey lol).

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and not very messy. It was only $7 at the Warehouse !

sarahb5, Mar 26, 7:43pm
Be careful with your colours when more grey as there’s no pigment in grey so can affect the colour - ash blonde can go fluoro yellow!

a1hair, Dec 1, 6:42am
if your in ch ch i can offer a solution i work from home in papanui fair prices you could brimg your colur i can apply and cut and blowave $70 a1 hair therapy

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