angela.k.sloan, Apr 13, 12:21pm
Many years of toothache.Two dentists .Dentist done nearly procedure Two teeth out. Pain still there . Had MRI . Afterwards ended up with ear ache Gum ache. Chronic neck ache.24 -7 comes in waves. Been to every Dr .Physio, Chyropractor, Botox, Accupuncture, Kenesioligist. Pain Dr, Osteo, Possibly damaged nerves . Was given Gabapentin . Side affects not so good. Anything out there thats natural. Someone suggested Vitamin bs. Any ideas or suggestions please Lot of pain Exhausted money .So many Drs .

annies3, Apr 13, 12:53pm
If what is causing your pain is damage to nerves then try taking magnesium which is very effective on damaged nerves.

angela.k.sloan, Apr 13, 1:05pm
I take Magnesium everyday and Omega. Thankyou for your information . May increase dose.

lythande1, Apr 13, 2:10pm
Magnesium. b****y snake oil b*******S. It's going to nothing for nerve pain.
Friend had major nerve pain. She said 2 things help (other than painkillers), one is laser treatment, and there's only a place in Hamilton that does that.
The other is illegal.

kiwitrader43, Apr 13, 5:10pm
Diclofenac tablets

annies3, Apr 13, 7:16pm
"One mans medicine is another mans poison" !
It is a proven fact that magnesium can relieve nerve pain,
I can vouch for its effectivness, having had severe pain I was referred to the specialists for tests to determine if there was in fact any nerve damage,
I thought about this and decided to start the magnesium (magnesium Ultra ) which is a high dose 220mg total elemental magnesium.
I discussed this with the pharmacist who advised me that is I was prepared to give it time to work it was worth a try. Believe it or not after just one tablet the pain was gone and has not returned as long as I keep up the dosage, The nerve conduction tests showed there was definately nerve damage, so yes for me Magnesium does work ! and well worth a try.

kiwitrader43, Apr 14, 5:48pm
Hi dose magnesium works however you tend to have loose bowel issues. Try diclofenac and also try using a child's thickness soft pillow.

angela.k.sloan, Apr 14, 6:44pm
Thankyou all

tony9, Apr 14, 6:48pm
Yes, just keep increasing the dose. Eventually your current issues will become irrelevant.


jenwren26, Apr 15, 9:03am
Have you had a scan? Could possibly be a herniated disc in the neck vertebrae as this causes pressure on the main nerve and it radiates out to all sorts of places you may not expect. Better to find the cause than to keep taking pain relief which only treats the symptoms, doesn't fix it. A scan will identify anything like a damaged disc.

angela.k.sloan, Apr 15, 10:33am
Yes have had two mris. Have some waring. They said really hard to pick up on damaged nerves.This is waves of signals sharp pain up neck and shoulder goes up behind ear affects my ear gum neck head. I would like to find a source as had it for two years and nobody is able to help . Been to every Dr. Frustrared. Painful and tired. Wears me down Will try the magnesium . thankyou. Searching searching for help.

smyrnia, Nov 30, 7:58am
Magnesium is absorbed better through the skin.
Try some creme on your neck as well as the tablets.
If you have a bath try epsom salts (cheep from bin inn)

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