Double hip replacement and exercise

ivan92, Jan 9, 10:33am
Hi, I am due to have a double hip replacement in next month or so and am hoping to walk the great wall of China in 2019. so plenty of time but wondering how people around my age and level of fitness have got on with stairs etc after having both hips done?
how long was recovery and how soon before you were up and about. Surgeon said 6 weeks and you are pretty much back to normal with one hip.
I am relatively fit and 51 years old, apart from hips am in good health.
thanks look forward to your reply, Lisa

ferrit47, Jan 9, 10:44am
Hey instead of starting new Thread Come & visit our Total Hip Replacement thread and ask any questions you would answered. We will help you.

kateley, Jan 9, 10:59am
Hi Lisa
I'm 55 and had one hip replaced 3 months ago. I had a pretty good recovery.
Spent 2 nights in hospital and the first couple of weeks at home were difficult with 2 crutches and still pretty tentative getting about. You will get a list of things you have to avoid, like bending over etc.
After a couple of months I could walk well without a crutch or walking stick, but I still have to concentrate to walk 'properly'
there's a guy who posts in the thread that ferrit mentioned who had both his done together last year who can give you his advice there

ivan92, Jan 9, 11:32am
Thanks guys will do that.

ivan92, Jan 9, 11:39am
So how do I actually delete this post?

kateley, Jan 9, 1:34pm
I don't think you can delete it, sorry

ivan92, Jan 9, 1:44pm
thanks just realised that you only can before you post it but have added it to other thread anyway

kateley, Jan 9, 2:01pm
this one will gradually slip to the bottom and disappear - if we stop posting in it. lol

ferrit47, Jan 7, 11:04pm
You can get in touch with Trademe (as have in past) and ask them to delete it out. You only have 15 minutes to delete a thread or it stays.

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