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surfbluedog, Nov 8, 8:10am
I had shingles when I was 30. Also very young to have it. Doctor said I was lucky as the younger you are, the shorter it lasts, and the fast you get over it.
I was in pain for 3 months straight. Had a band wrapping around my ribs on one side, all the way to the back.
In the elderly it can last up to 1 year.

kacy5, Nov 8, 10:54am
I heard you can only get shingles if you have had chicken pox. Is this correct?

ingies, Nov 8, 2:06pm
You can get chickenpox from someone who has shingles

kacy5, Nov 8, 2:51pm
Thank you, was years ago I heard it and wondered if I had heard it correctly.

gerbil, Nov 8, 8:58pm
I had the vaccine. I had a flareup of shingles but was "lucky" that I got anti-virals very quickly. I had a second potential flare-up and another lot of anti-virals after that. I had the shingles vaccine because I was prepared to do anything possible to stop a recurrence. I haven't had any more flare ups and I didn't have any side effects from the vaccine. It was expensive and not perfect but if it decreased my chances of another attack I was prepared to pay for it. Only people who have had chickenpox can get shingles. It is possible to catch chicken pox from somebody who has shingles but it is quite rare - much more likely to catch chicken pox from somebody who has chicken pox. My youngest has had the chicken pox vaccine and I am fairly confident that he will avoid shingles as a result (and yes I do know that the chickenpox vaccine is not perfect either). My eldest boy unfortunately got the chicken pox vaccine and the chicken pox virus at the same time.

renson, Nov 10, 1:46pm
Have since been informed that Bells Palsy is related to Shingles. Told of a man that had Shingles then went on to develop Bells Palsy.
Better off, no risks, and to have the vaccine. Expensive but clearly worth it.

tigra, Nov 10, 2:28pm
I'm 78 in Jan, had shingles a few months ago. GP said it was a severe case but it didnt cause me any pain. I havent been vaccinated.

jbsouthland, Nov 14, 6:28pm
I know so many people who have suffered shingles , varying ages , varying areas of their bodies affected . . all said it was extremely painful .
I think the vaccination was well worth the $201.

sam447, Nov 15, 7:55pm
My daughter was unlucky to get shingles on her 10th birthday! Very unhappy at her birthday dinner.

uswoman, Nov 17, 7:35pm
I've had chicken pox twice. First time I was 18 months old. Second time was in my early 30s and got them from my little son.

I've also had the vaccine. My charge nurse had shingles -in her eye. Very painful and she was off work 2-3 weeks. Luckily her vision wasn't affected. My feeling is I would rather do anything I can to possibly prevent shingles.

colin433, Nov 19, 6:39pm
I hadn't heard about that. at 78, had chickenpox in my early 20's, and a mild attack of shingles a few years ago, I think I'd go for it, if it's free. I'll ask about it next time I see one of the nurses

kmole, Nov 20, 3:40pm
I have been told by my GP you cannot even pay to get vaccinated unless you are 65. The even checked with the MOH or whoever is in charge of vaccinations in NZ. I’m 46 and had it twice in 6months and they won’t vaccinate me!

olwen, Nov 20, 3:49pm
I'm not sure, this suggests that you can have it from 50 on. It doesn't appear to be tested in people under 50


olwen, Nov 20, 3:57pm
Definitely seems to be available from 50. But doesn't seem to not be allowed before then, but maybe not effective.

olwen, Nov 20, 4:00pm

renson, Nov 25, 10:01am
This is strange. I am not 65 and am far younger so why would someone say you couldn't have it until you were 65. Maybe other rules apply at other Medical Centres? Had mine the other day, paid $200 for this vaccine, although have now heard it will now be funded. Did not make any difference to me as wanted to have it regardless. Didn't want to take any risks for the future.

gerbil, Nov 25, 2:00pm
I am not even close to 65 and there was no problem with me paying to be vaccinated. I would follow up about that - I think you have to be over 50 but not 65.

gerbil, Nov 25, 2:09pm
I checked the Ministry of Health vaccination handbook and it did say it was not be given to anybody under 50 - not 65. Kmole, I have just read your age and you're too young!

invercoll, Dec 2, 1:40pm
Cousin aged 79 had the injection 2 years ago and 5 weeks ago came down with shingles severe around eye. Has been in dreadful pain ever since. Only redeeming thing her sight is returning but cannot bear light at all.
Injection cannot work in all cases apparently! l was not aware of that before.

arabelle, Dec 2, 9:45pm
Here is an interesting article. I wonder which one Pharmac is going to subsidise next year

venna2, Dec 3, 8:03am
It seems they're to fund the less effective one.

angelminx, Feb 23, 5:14pm
dreemn wrote:
Other useful things to know.
You can't 'catch ' shingles from other people./quote]

Actually you can. Which is why when one of my residents gets shingles, they are nursed on contact precautions to avoid passing on the virus to another at risk patients

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