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ferrit47, Jan 2, 8:49am
Yes very expensive I was told by my nurse. Didnt recomend it.

boatie1, Jan 2, 3:28pm
Absolutely worth it. A personal choice but for anybody who has seen someone suffering from this awful disease, the decision to take all steps to avoid it is a quick one

kay141, Jan 2, 3:34pm
The vaccine is not very effective at preventing shingles and that effectiveness declines with age.


buzzy110, Jan 2, 3:45pm
This is what the link says:

"Almost everyone is at risk of shingles because they are likely to have been exposed to chickenpox, even if they have no history of clinical chickenpox, or have had a chickenpox vaccine. Following chickenpox infection the virus lies dormant in the nerves near the spine and may re-emerge many years later as shingles. Shingles most commonly affects older adults or people of any age with a weakened immune system.

Zostavax® is indicated for the prevention of shingles. It can be given to patients who have previously had shingles. Zostavax is not funded for any individual in New Zealand Until 1 April 2018. Zostavax is available for purchase through general practice and some pharmacies.

From 1 April 2018, one dose of Zostavax will be funded for adults aged 65 years. A 'catch-up' programme will be available for the first two years, for people aged from 66–80 years inclusively. Funded vaccine doses will only be available through general practice."

Where is the information about age related ineffectiveness and prevention?

kay141, Jan 2, 4:21pm
You couldn't resist, could you? Before you jump on my post as usual, it is sensible to read the whole link before posting.

Try reading the "IN DEPTH" section, then scroll down to the section titled Vaccine Effectiveness.

buzzy110, Jan 2, 5:42pm
You provided a link. If you wanted us all to spend hours looking at every tab then should have posted them as well.

kay141, Jan 2, 5:43pm
It was part of the link and most intelligent people would have seen that.

I suspect it was another attempt to prove me wrong which failed badly.

renson, Nov 4, 5:07pm
now available, supposed to be quite expensive but have heard worth having as to prevent the disease, as apparently is painful attacking the nerves etc.

kenw1, Nov 4, 5:24pm
Yes, reckon its a cheap investment.

kay141, Nov 4, 5:49pm
My doctor advised against it. The success rate is low and, in a practice of 12 doctors with many older patients, the cases of shingles were negligible.

kassie48, Nov 4, 9:38pm
Yes & next year going to be free for over 65 years old. Worth the $200+

oliver6, Nov 4, 10:51pm
I had it 1 year ago and had headaches for a week.
However I know several people who have had shingles in recent years and it is best avoided.

venna2, Nov 5, 4:22pm
I had it last year, as two or three people I know had had shingles and were really sick. I had the shingles and 'flu vaccinations at the same time and had no ill effects.

buzzy110, Nov 5, 4:35pm
Is is really worthwhile getting the vaccine if you haven't had chickenpox?

kassie48, Nov 5, 5:06pm
Would think so, give your Dr a ring or ask the Chemist

razell, Nov 5, 7:16pm
I've had it. No side effects. It's was expensive but so would weeks off work be too.

litespeed, Nov 5, 11:41pm
If you haven't already it might be worth getting tested for chicken pox immunity. You could have had a mild case of CP with few or no spots.

norse_westie, Nov 6, 7:46am
I went to get it but was discouraged. Apart from a very low efficacy rate, you can only have it once in your lifetime and its only useful for around 5 years. As your risk with shingles increases with age, how do you choose what age to have it?

Oh, I'm 65 so at risk but the efficacy is low. I'll wait.
Oh I'm 75 and much higher risk but the efficacy is even lower.

arabelle, Nov 6, 8:35am
IF you are sure you haven't had chicken pox then no you won't need it as you are not carrying the latent virus within you.

renson, Nov 6, 10:44am
Thankyou so much for all your replies, very informative. Had chicken pox as a child. As I am not 65 and would have to wait to get it free, think I will have it done now as have been told of some that have had Shingles and suffered quite badly, also informed that Shingles never truly goes away.
Had been told Shingles was linked to Chicken Pox and Bells Palsy.

princess52, Nov 6, 11:05am
I’ve had Bell’s palsy. Nasty thing.

Had shingles vax a couple of years ago. Made husband have it too. Turned out he HAD shingles when he had the vax!

litespeed, Nov 6, 10:22pm
Shingles is caused by the same virus as chicken pox.

You get chicken pox as a child. Your immune system fights it off and the symptoms go away. Some virus however stays hiding in your nerve cells. Over your lifetime you keep getting exposed to chicken pox which reminds your immune system what to look for, virus keeps hidden. Then when you are older chicken pox immunity wanes and the virus becomes active again in the form of shingles.

Bells palsy is not so cut and dried, they think it is sometimes related to a virus. I was under the impression it was the coldsore virus though.

theclaytons, Nov 7, 6:46am
My 20 year old daughter just had shingles, so not always just for older people. She was really unwell for a around 3 weeks, and in lots of pain. Definitely best avoided.

camper18, Nov 7, 9:32pm
I was advised to have it last year by my GP as quite a few cases of shingles had come up in our area and I had never had chicken pox. Had at same time as flu vaccine with no adverse affects. This year went to Oz to see family and the first week hubby presented with a classic case of shingles from navel to backbone and about 4 inches wide. Thanks to a great GP and a good dose of anti viral drugs he made a great recovery with no I'll affects .was I ever pleased that I had that vaccine.

surfbluedog, Nov 8, 8:08am
Better get the chicken pox vaccine then?

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