Stem cell treatment for hip arthritis.

smallwoods, Jun 24, 12:18pm
Wife is looking into this.
A friend had her back done and seems to have worked.
She was on crutches the last couple of years and now a week later walking unaided.
Any news from people who have been through this?

lythande1, Jun 24, 12:59pm
And as far as I know, nothing regenerates cartilage.

smallwoods, Jun 24, 2:55pm
Dangerous, how?
They lumbar punch, drain stem cells, treat and reinsert same day.
Our middle son had a lumbar punch at 18 months, didn't affect him?

buzzy110, Jun 24, 3:01pm
Good luck if your wife decides to go ahead. There has been little research in the field. The theory is that the stem cells will regenerate lost cartiliage. I found a site from the Mayo Clinic that had carried out a small scale test.

The results were curious. Each test subject had two arthritic knees. One knee was injected with a saline placebo. The other with stem cells. 6 months later the test subject reported an improvement in both knees with a pain assessment of 1 out of 10.

The researchers are bandying around the thought that the stem cells travelled to the other knee as well.

Personally, if it were me and my knees I'd do it if I could get a recommendation from a doctor to a reputable facility that provided that treatment. I wouldn't be keen to find somewhere by myself.

buzzy110, Jun 24, 3:03pm
Exactly. A friend had that done for his cancer. He is still alive 10 years later, a whole 9 years more than he had been given.

kacy5, Jun 24, 3:15pm
I hope it works but I'm glad I had an artificial replacement, best thing I could have done at the time. Never looked back from the day it was done and no regrets for having the operation.

kacy5, Jun 24, 3:16pm
That's great news, shame more couldn't have it done but I guess it depends on what cancer is involved.

smallwoods, Jun 24, 6:19pm
She is only 57 and putting off replacements, as not bad enough at present, in case she would want a second lot later.
Her aunt had a hip done twice, can't get another.
Won't make the public system for a while, but we could go private.
Have quite a few friends that are Dr's and talked to 2 today.
They know the Dr who does this here and put a positive spin on the op, rather than replacement.
Did say to think about it though, like ALL ops if unnecessary.

kacy5, Jun 24, 6:49pm
I know people who have had their hips for decades but there was a period when the ones used caused problems and many had to be replaced again. My specialist would have found my operation very boring, he works on many hip trauma cases but he did say mine should not cause problems for at least 30 years. At the age I will be then I probably wouldn't know if it needed replacing or not.

oh_hunnihunni, Jun 24, 6:58pm
I'm intrigued by this stem cell treatment. My old metal on metal hip wouldn't get help from it but my natural hip is on the way out and I am in denial about replacing that one after all the fuss about the steel one. I must ask Him With The Power Tools when I see him next month. Maybe he can pull some strings.

kacy5, Jun 24, 7:04pm
I am interested too as my other hip is on the way out and one knee is shot but not too painful yet. I dread a knee replacement so I'm hoping that despite the graunching the specialist could feel and what the x-ray said, it hangs on for a good while yet.

hoarder85, Nov 1, 11:46pm
My Dad had his done at 58 and the surgeon told him it would last him the rest of his life. His was ceramic.

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