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fifi21, May 9, 5:06pm
in a 63 yr old?

harm_less, May 9, 5:35pm
Check your salt intake is sufficient, particularly if you're sweating regularly. That or take magnesium.

colliers, May 9, 9:03pm
Magnesium supplement works well or a small banana at bedtime will do the same.

cleo444, May 9, 9:25pm
A spoonful of marmite when you get cramps helps.

donma, May 9, 11:42pm
Gin and Tonic WITHOUT the Gin. Works for me.

chchajm, May 19, 1:37am
Sandersons brand magnisium.
I'm pregnant and when I don't take it for 3-4 days I get horrific pregnancy leg cramp.
Sandersons has no fillers and is better quality than a supermarket brand and cheap!

rosie, May 19, 2:42am
magnesium spray on your legs etc will help beautifully with cramp, and also the magnesium sleep cream from the pharmacy is great to rub in!

kiwitrader43, May 22, 9:36am
kELP MINERAL SEA SALT mixed with normal cerebos iodized salt on each meal fixes the problem quickly. Epsom salt bath occasionally and sunlight for vitamin D fixes it. Beef liver for a cobalt boost too. Lambs fry for selenium boost. Pills only mask the issue until the pills run out.

flagheaven, May 22, 11:43am
cheapest and very quick is 1/4 glass warm water and 1 x teaspoon of salt - stir well drink and then flush mouth with water . takes about 1 minute and cramps go.

venna2, May 22, 11:44am
Check whether you need extra salt and/or calcium?

Marmite could be good, if you like it fairly thick. I know I sometimes have a craving for Marmite.

1000hills, Jun 1, 3:43pm
and stay away from lemon, the law of averages has proved to me that a lemon mix raises the chance for me and I'm 63.

but so does going for an 8km hike so is soon as you feel those first ticks of cramp I drop one really nasty drop of 'magnesium oil' under my tongue and the rest of my body says 'I'm not having any more of that thanks! Legs stop cramping' . well that's my theory anyway . drink more it's lactic acid buildup and you need to move it.

kacy5, Jun 1, 6:59pm
My husband was on high blood pressure pills and was told, by chemist and Dr, taking on extra salt would be the worst thing he could do. Selenium worked for him.

success27, Jun 8, 4:49pm
I used to have wicked cramps in feet and legs I think a lot of mine now was from too much standing on hard floors at a job and not enough resting legs/feet.Since retiring I am really pleased my excruciating cramps have gone. I Do take a large magnesium tablet ,not every night, perhaps 3 times a week when I remember.

success27, Jun 8, 4:53pm
I agree kacy5 as I sometimes in desperation took salt in water and my BP readings were higher sometimes than they should have been .I am on medication.

vomo2, Jun 8, 8:28pm
Sandersons magnesium. Brilliant

lythande1, Jun 9, 12:21pm
What causes muscle cramps?
a lot of people insist that muscle cramps are caused by mineral deficiencies—and folks swear that eating bananas or taking magnesium supplements helps. However, a meta-analysis of the research concluded that any of these are unlikely to prevent leg cramps.

It's true that certain minerals (calcium, potassium, and magnesium, in particular) are involved in muscle contraction. But as physician Thomas Lansdale, MD, recently said to me, "If your potassium or magnesium levels were so low that your muscle function were impaired, leg cramps would be the least of your problems."

The cause of muscle cramps isn't always known. Muscle cramps may be brought on by many conditions or activities, such as:

Exercising, injury, or overuse of muscles.
Pregnancy. Cramps may occur because of decreased amounts of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, especially in the later months of pregnancy.
Exposure to cold temperatures, especially to cold water.
Other medical conditions, such as blood flow problems (peripheral arterial disease), kidney disease, thyroid disease, and multiple sclerosis.
Standing on a hard surface for a long time, sitting for a long time, or putting your legs in awkward positions while you sleep.

lythande1, Jun 9, 12:22pm
I have found this to be true. I get them. At night sometimes, I sleep awkwardly due to arthritis, and that can cause it.

Yesterday I walked quite a long way (for me). I felt OK during (interestingly), and even on getting home. But 6 hrs later I got huge cramps. I took 1 15mg codeine and 1 325mg aspirin and it cleared up until another 4 hrs later.
I then took 1 paracetamol. Again it cleared up, and this time didn't come back.

wenpen, Jun 9, 12:47pm
Good quality high potency Magnesium, make sure it includes at least four types of Magnesium. Some people are higher users of Magnesium than others. Helps you relax and sleep also. Don't forget Vitamins in the morning and Minerals before bed.

bernie184, Jun 10, 2:45pm
And when your mag levels are already on the high side?
I come from a family that seems to get a lot of cramp. No cause found or cure.

paulmc, Jun 10, 8:13pm
Magnesium might not help. I was taking magnesium since I first got bad leg cramp one night about 5 years ago. Still got cramp once or twice a year. Found out that the cause was varicose veins causing the cramp, not tight calf muscles as I first thought.

r.g.nixon, Jun 10, 9:38pm
I'm 61, sometimes get vicious calf muscle cramps at night, if I do a bit of a stretch during the night. I put it down to not warming up enough before I go for my runs. I read about magnesium not being proven, so haven't bothered trying it.

Yep, post #17 has all the good info.

rona1, Jun 13, 8:49am
Read somewhere that sugar would solve it so I park a Comvita honey lozenge with olive leaf in the side of my mouth at night and havent had cramp for years. Marvellous.

sleek_lizzy, Jun 13, 9:06am
I'm not 63 lol, but I was given Magnesium Salts tablets when I was suffering from the condition in my legs/calf muscles. They are chewable tablets, similar to quikeze. Not so great tasting, and quite gritty the same as quikeze are.

sheree7, Jun 14, 8:57pm
i take half a Baclofen tablet when mine get really bad.I have spondylolisthesis and have compressed nerves which sometimes causes cramps/spasms in both legs and feet.Magnessium didn't help me at all or eating bananas.

karrie3, Jun 22, 8:32pm
I’m 65 with diabetic neuropathy and kidney disease and have horrific leg cramps, sometimes several times a night. I started taking magnesium tablets at night and my doctor was horrified and said stop immediately as they have an adverse effect on kidneys. He changed my BP tabs and the cramps have lessened but not completely stopped
Be careful with supplements - just because it’s not a prescription item doesn’t mean it’s harmless, and it may react with existing meds. See your dr first!

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