Dandruff shampoo for pre teen girl

frank80, Jan 13, 4:29pm
It took me 60 years to find a permanent cure for dandruff after trying every type of treatment from prescription to home remedies;none of them worked for more than 2-3 days.
Currently I have been clear of dandruff for more than 6 months,even when using
a range of ordinary shampoo's indicating that a one off treatment is all that was required.
Try Googling "Clear Anti Dandruff" shampoo.
It may work for you.

gerbil, Jan 14, 4:00pm
I found it quite helpful when I was an oily scalped teen to give my hair a very thorough combing and used a blunt tooth comb to give the scalp a going over to dislodge any loose skin cells before washing it. And oil can build up on the scalp so check she hasn't got a layer of oil sitting on her scalp - just check the roots of the hair, particularly at the back. Frequent hair washing helps.

mansonprincess, Jan 14, 9:01pm
try a natural one first if you want and see how you go, they do a really nice ginger shampoo at the body shop

lightningmckee, Dec 22, 9:05am
Hi I am looking for a shampoo for my daughter who is 12. She gets quite bad dandruff so any recommendations would be appreciated.

sarahb5, Dec 22, 10:20am
Neutrogena T-Gel is good or the new Head & Shoulders

andrew697, Dec 22, 11:49am

Some Pharmacies stock it, costs about $25 and works very well.

princess52, Dec 22, 12:12pm
Does her head itch? I found the best shampoo is a kerastase hypoallergenic one.

lythande1, Dec 22, 12:21pm
Is it dandruff? My son thought that, he gets eczema, it was eczema on the head. he got Sebizole on prescription.

yapper, Dec 22, 12:54pm
When I got married I was amazed that DH washed his hair in the basin, not while showering. He always had a bit of 'dandruff'. But once he began washing it in the shower, the dandruff disappeared. He wasn't rinsing it properly - I watched one day and he just splashed a bit of water on it. And wondered why his hair was not pristine? Lol. Perhaps your daughter isn't rinsing her hair properly? Just a thought.

kiwitrader43, Dec 22, 4:39pm
A decent multivitamin may assist to reduce the flaking in the first place. Zinc in her diet too and apricots.

nadznz, Dec 27, 9:25pm
Lush Soak and Float (solid) shampoo. Also seems to have the added bonus of deterring nits!

mrscat, Feb 21, 5:41am
I only once ever had dandruff and that was many decades ago. The remedy in those days was to rinse with Dettol. For the sceptics, it is noted on the label as a use for ridding dandruff.

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