Hairdresser recommendations for grey hair (WGTN)

its.allheart, May 15, 2:43pm
Hi Im looking for a great colourist hairdrrsser who could do a fantastic job on my mums hair. She has a strong gret regrowth approx 3 inches and they ends are dark. We are in Wellington

stafford72, May 16, 1:13pm
Not sure where you live in Welly but Adele at Zeal Hair Studio in Crofton Downs is excellent - very experienced, uses plant-based dyes, and knows her stuff. The whole team are great to deal with. Hope this helps :)

gerbil, May 24, 9:55pm
I go to Sadal in Wellington for colouring - the Terrrace branch. I have a lot of grey and was originally very dark and people now believe I am a natural blonde.

sarahb5, Nov 4, 3:59pm
You can’t fight it so you may as well embrace it with style

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