Best dentist in Wellington for dental implant?

jessbluelagoon, May 25, 10:31am
Hi there, I need to get a dental implant and I'm just wondering if anyone has some good Wellington-based dental recommendations for where to get it done? And if you've had one done in Wellington, how much did it cost all up? Thanks in advance!

karmae, May 25, 12:28pm
They will all say they are good.
There are 2 oral surgeons in Wgtn I know of who do implants (screw that goes in the gum). They will also take out the tooth at same time if there (obviously). Then a dentist will arrange (a technician) to get the actual tooth made that fits on top of the screw. A dentist I spoke to and a few people I know were told the oral surgeon would put inplant in. A friend in AK had one implant screw put in by a periodontist.
Think u looking at 3k approx for implant screw and tooth.

madj, May 25, 10:07pm
I went to Wayne Gillingham a couple of years ago. Had tooth removed under sedation and screw placed. A temporary tooth on top until my own dentist had their technician make the crown. Had to wait until area healed first before crown could be permanently placed. Yes it cost a mini mortgage (around 5,200 all up - oral surgeon fees and all associated costs with dentist). Took a few months for it all to be complete and apart from a day off work nobody could tell anything had been done and had no trouble with the temporary tooth. It was a front tooth and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to get it done if you can afford it.

mkr_ahearn, May 25, 10:37pm
Rob Young Otaki Luminos, he is also at Central Dental Surgery Wellington, about $4,800

jessbluelagoon, May 26, 11:41am
Thanks for your replies, much appreciated :)

dollydot, May 29, 7:13pm
Wayne Gillingham is excellent. I've recently had three done there and two others in my family have also been to Wayne. I'm about to get the restorative work done when they fit the new tooth on the titanium posts at 3 months. The experience was easier than getting a filling. They use sedation and it's done without you being aware. So much better than I expected. I had a tooth and some broken roots removed also which meant I did develop some facial bruising over the next few days but that can happen even with good care. and it goes after a few days. Wayne G is highly recommended by us. and there's free parking! I haven't got my paperwork handy but think it is close to $5K per tooth. On your first consult Wayne will give you a printout of the costs. Then you need to get the costs from the dentist doing the restorative work as he doesn't do that.

karmae, May 29, 8:07pm
The other Oral surgeon I heard who does them is Gerry Thyne, but dont know anyone who's been to him or the one above.

john7891, Jun 3, 9:17pm
Was that $5K all up or just for placement of titanium post. Thanks

dollydot, Nov 8, 10:42pm
It will be all up, the surgery (implant posts) plus the restorative work when they make the teeth.

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