Low Blood Platelets and Tooth Extraction?

My platelets are down to 41 due to cirrhosis of the liver. Now I need a tooth out and its going to be a huge problem. The dentist wouldnt do it because I of the bleeding - it takes a long time for my blood to clot.Im seeing my doctor tomorrow. But I just want to know if anyone has been in this position and what is the procedure.

Beauty_thereason, Nov 19, 12:56 pm

get a referal to the hospital dentist they can put a plan into place maybe going on a high dose of prednisone for a few days before and get a blood test done before the extraction. i know that you saids your platlets are 41 but you should be fine. also if you have low platlets never take asprine. take panadol.

Beauty_atomick, Nov 19, 1:48 pm

thankyou. makes me feel better. Yes I only just found out about that asprine. Doctor is referring me to the hospital.

Beauty_thereason, Nov 20, 10:29 pm

top ones came out normal full teeth. The ones on the bttoom were impacted wisdom teeth and had to be cut into pieces in order to be removed, which explains the teeth shards in the photo.

Beauty_guest, Oct 4, 4:35 am

Oh dear... I'll keep my fingers crsoesd for you, Anette. Dentists are "evil". I have a wisdom teeth surgery (!!!) scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I'm already afraid of normal dentists and going to an oral surgeon is worse. So... I gotta try the happy thoughts thing too (though I can already see myself crying). Moreover, I'm surely going to take my music player with me because my favourite music usually helps a bit.Greetings and lots of hugs from GermanySarah

Beauty_guest, Oct 7, 11:11 am

That gas knocks me out in 3-7 sndceos, and I'm 6 1. Maybe it's a more powerful dosage, but as long as I'm asleep you can do whatever you want. Except rape me.

Beauty_guest, Oct 9, 8:16 pm