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tom42, Jan 2, 3:33am
I'll bet a week with regular organic vegetable juices would bring them right down.

kabbo, Jan 2, 4:24am
i have had IPL for red veins around my nose, 3 treatments which was incorporated as treatment for sun damage and sun spots as well, i'm a bit disappointed with the results.for the red veins, they are still there, however i have had fabulous results for the rest of my skin - it is sooo much clearer, so the IPL was good for that.

kabbo, Jan 2, 4:25am
what's the difference!

motorbo, Jan 2, 4:43am
i found IPL useless and expensive.ive recently read capers in my diet could help so i started eating them yesterday

gabbysnana, Jan 2, 4:56am
They are caused from being over exposed to the sun as a child.

antoniab, Jan 2, 5:54am
$180 for 15min at Caci clinic

angel404, Jan 2, 8:19am
facial spider veins can be a sign of potassium chloride deficiency. So eat more Cucumber, peanuts, hazelnuts, lentils, spinach, asparagus, green beans, silver beet, carrots, cauliflower, celery, sweet corn, soybeans, sesame seeds and peaches, apricots, pineapples and plums.

kitten191, Nov 8, 7:59am
bumping to hear what gets rid of them.

52many, Nov 9, 5:30am
I've had IPL as I have had terrible spider veins on my face. I had no pain at all, just a bit of a burning sensation and noticed a difference straight away. I had 3 treatments and was happy. I also bought a Thalgo product thatreduced general redness on my face but can't for the life of me remember what it was called.

uli, Nov 9, 5:37am
So you want to cure a vein with the above!
How is that going to work!

Any links!

loulou43, Nov 9, 5:40am
I always thought those wee spider veins on my face were caused through having the shower too hot on your face.
I always have a coolish shower.

carlosjackal, Nov 9, 8:07am
Scrubbing your face too vigorously (facial exfoliator) or washing with water that's too hot can be the causeof broken capillaries (red spider veins), so can excessive exposure to the sun. Broken capillaries sometimes become more prominent as you age, because with age, the skin gets thinner and it becomes easier to see the veins. The condition is also hereditary. Another possible cause is alcoholism; excessive consumption of alcohol over a long period of time can increase your blood pressure, causing the veins in your face to dilate.

Laser therapies or cosmetic surgery can remove the cells surrounding the dilated veins, though over time, they can come back.

A green-tinted concealer does help to hide them.

texastwo, Nov 9, 8:16am
There's always one!

kitten191, Nov 9, 8:38am
I have a round patch on both cheeks that i want to get rid of. I am seeing someone next weekend and wanted to know my options and what works.

xxsaffyxx, Nov 11, 4:07am
Electrolysis. cheap as chips really, and instant.Hurts a tiny bit as they prick your skin to cauterise each little vein but very effective.

timturtle, Nov 11, 5:51am
Can you recommend a clinic for this in christchurch! Thanks

jambee1, Nov 11, 6:59am
Would caci clinic do this procedure!

andyb11, Nov 11, 7:02am
I can attest to this.I remember a really bad sunburn I got when I was 12.And I have had red veins on my cheeks since.However they have not got any worse because I always use a moisturiser with at least an SPF15 in it.I was offered red vein therapy years ago, free, as my beautician was learning it.It did get rid of a few.But YES, sure makes your eyes water!

dollydot, Nov 12, 11:36pm
People like me with fair skin/ blonde hair are more prone to them as our skin reacts more to changes caused by heat/cold, sunburn etc. Definitely familial too. Not sure if mine are spider veins as they are tiny but show as red areas on my cheeks.I find they are easily concealed with a good concealer and don't look too bad without makeup also although I wear light makeup every day.

kitten191, Nov 12, 11:36pm
I was told by one person that sclerotherapy would be best but the person i'm seeing on Saturday said not to do that as it could scar. I'm hanging to know what he will say and how much it will cost. I'm seeing Phil Frost from Face Value in Chch, He is coming over to Greymouth on Saturday.

brapbrappy, Nov 14, 10:21pm
And after 10 years of this diet and there is no improvement .what next!

uli, Nov 15, 3:23am
I also wait for an answer - see post #15

cleo444, Nov 15, 3:45am
Facial veins can be caused by a condition called Rosacea.Ipl is not helpful, the right sort of laser treatment can help.I would not do electrolysis, it is pretty outdated now and can leave pitting.

xxsaffyxx, Nov 15, 8:44am
Trying to remember!I had it done at Ballantynes clinic as I worked in town, but I don't think they have their beauty clinic now since EQs.The other was with a woman who had her own business running from home and it was somewhere around Ilam/Burnside.She was reasonable and did it well.So sorry I can't remember who it was.

mandy1968, Dec 5, 9:33am
has anyone had them removed! how much did it cost and what was it like to have done ! I have a few around my nose that I cover with concealer but would like to have them permanently gone

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