Chesty cough and sore throat - no point

supersapper, Oct 21, 11:11pm
going to the doctor as its usually just one of those things you have to put up with but has anyone got any new suggestions about soothing the throat etc!Or something to stop the coughing - my body is pretty sore from coughing for a week :(

melly16, Oct 21, 11:19pm
have you got any herbs in the garden! you could try gargling some thyme another idea is to mash some garlic up and mix it in olive oil then rub it on the soles of your feet, your body will then absorb it and it should help to improve the chesty cough :)

annies3, Oct 22, 1:12am
If you have had a sore throat for a week then you really do need to go to the Dr so a proper diagnosis can be made as to the cause, sometimes you need antibiotics, ask for a swab, and culture and sensitivity,

eastie3, Oct 22, 1:45am
Op, it's worth checking it out. I had a course of Augmentin after going to my doctor with the same symptoms, I was very ill for a few days and a fortnight later am only just recovering. I had a REALLY sore throat.

mark.52, Oct 22, 1:46am
Gargling with apple cider vinegar can help a throat that's sore from a bacterial infection. Use undiluted. It's a little harsh, but I've found it works well. (Not so much "soothing" as "curing".)

Soothing a sore throat: mix equal amounts of butter and raw sugar (maybe a desert spoon each) and melt together, till just starting to sizzle, and sugar is dissolved. Add an equal amount of malt vinegar. Stir it in. Remove from heat. When it's cooled enough (but still warm) suck on it.

Loosen up a cough by using whole fenugreek seeds. These can be bought from an Asian food shop (Indian) or, for many more dollars in capsule form from a health food shop.
Take a teaspoon, 3 times a day, washed down with at least 200ml of water. You need to wash them down; they're not easy to swallow. Don't scrimp on the water. Should start to loosen it within a day.

mark.52, Oct 22, 1:48am
Also endorse the use of freshly brewed thyme tea. It can be ingested, rather than just gargled with. It's aborted many a "bug" at our house.

Add a little lemon juice, and a little honey (thyme honey is best). Can be brewed with a chunk of ginger, too.

dollydot, Oct 22, 2:03am
It is worth going to the Dr if you have had a sore throat for a week.You should get it checked and a a throat swab done. If you have a strep throat it needs treating with antibiotics or you risk later serious health problems with an untreated infection. At worst your Dr willfind it's viral and will go on it's own but there may be something they can give you to settle the cough too.

supersapper, Oct 27, 10:09am
Hi people just like to say I can highly recommend Baileys Irish Cream as a cough suppressant :) have kept a small glass of it next to my bed and as soon as I start to cough I take a swig.Finally getting some sleep at nights.
And no, not over indulging in the alcohol intake - probably had about a small sherry glass total over 3 nights.MUCH nicer than cough syrup stuff.

annies3, Oct 27, 6:35pm
Soooo 4 days later you are still coughing and now resort to Baileys ! to sooth that throat, pleased you have managed to get sme relief, but if you havent already you should get it checked out.

venna2, Oct 27, 6:39pm
Fishermen's Friends are good, and don't cost much, also hot lemon and honey drinks. I'm interested that several people have mentioned thyme, I shall try that myself next time.

supersapper, Oct 27, 8:33pm
Annie Its just a cough, irritating and exhausting, but just a cough. I've experienced it many times before and know its just a matter of waiting it out.I also know the signs when an infection is starting up but not this time and after 2 weeks the coughing fits are fewer and I'm starting to sleep through the night again.I have a wonderful doctor and if I felt it was required I would have gone to see her, its just interesting to find different things to try to ease the non-stop coughing.

buzzy110, Oct 27, 9:30pm
I'm a real fan of active honey. UMF 10 or higher is what I use. Mostly I have 12+. This stuff just knocks everything on the head within hours. Just take a teaspoon every few hours for a couple of days. I use it for everything and it has never let me down yet.

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