I feel like i have needles in my throat!

Since Friday I have had the most painful sore throat!I have drunk sooo many cups of tea, bottles of water and had soo many strepsils and vicks throat lozenges.All this offers relief for a very short amount of time and soon after the pain returns.


Beauty_aimz_bj, Jul 29, 6:25 pm

possible strep throat!that level of discomfort sounds familiar.

Lemonade ice blocks, vicks vapodrops, difflam lozenges or spray. and if the pain is still awful, doctor and antibugs.

Beauty_bluetrade, Jul 29, 6:37 pm

Thankyou,I have just jumped onto google to have a look at what it could possibly be and was thinking strep throat.

Very sore to swallow and I feel like my throat is swollen.I havent tried the difflam spray so will get some tomorrow.How long should I wait before heading to doctors!

Beauty_aimz_bj, Jul 29, 6:40 pm

Gargle apple cider vinegar - it tastes disgusting but is very effective.
Also have honey - it doesn't have to be manuka.

Beauty_shelleigh, Jul 29, 6:42 pm

That sounds like my throat feels when I have tonsillitis - needles or little shards of glass.Very very painful.

Tonsillitis needs antibiotics so I would get a diagnosis from your GP if it's the same or worse tomorrow,

Beauty_esther-anne, Jul 29, 6:58 pm

You might need to go see the doctor.Strep throat need antibiotics or it can cause complications.

Beauty_jase.and.jules, Jul 29, 7:08 pm

Dont get any more chemist products.or anything else. but go to the doc.any throat infections can very easily become something worse.

Beauty_freebutterflies, Jul 29, 7:14 pm

Gargle Savacol until you can get to the doc

Beauty_carolyn57, Jul 29, 8:36 pm

I would definatly tryJim HumbleCDS

Beauty_bayrock, Aug 2, 6:02 pm

Don't bother going to the doctor. They will look at your throat, tell you it is sore/red/swollen, etc and make you pay as you leave. It will get better by itself if you just give your body a chance to grow some antibodies and stop trying to 'cure' it yourself. Best of all, once you have the antibodies, any future attack will not be as severe until, like me, you become immune.

If you must take something go and find some active manuka honey that is umf 12+ or better and have a teaspoon every so often.

Beauty_buzzy110, Aug 2, 6:07 pm

That could end up being dangerous advice. If it is strep throat or turns out to be an abscess on the tonsils, not seeking medical advice could have grave consequences.

Go and see your GP - if it is Strep throat or Quinsey - you will need antibiotics. I am not sure of your age group or medical history, but Strep throat can push you in the direction or Rheumatic Fever.

Beauty_scottycat, Aug 2, 6:54 pm

I have just noticed the day you started this thread. Is there an update! Are you feeling any better! Have you been to the Doctor!

Beauty_scottycat, Aug 2, 6:55 pm

Gargle asprin (and spit) very instant pain relief.

Beauty_nadzalive, Aug 2, 7:06 pm

Beware though. sore throat is the first symptom to a very bad influenza virus.

Beauty_nadzalive, Aug 2, 7:07 pm

Bump . any updates!

Beauty_scottycat, Aug 3, 4:39 pm

Or kidney disease. I ended up with a transplant after years as a child with strep throats. It can, in some people cause an autoimmune response which can cause IGA Nephropathy.

Beauty_rose-murray, Aug 3, 4:43 pm

rule of thumb I was told at the doctors, if you don't have a temp then it is viral and by going to see the doc you are flushing money down the loo.
bacterial = temperature

Beauty_shazpetal, Aug 3, 4:45 pm

I didn't have what I would consider to be a high temperature. Mine was Strep throat. It is not worth mucking around.

Beauty_scottycat, Aug 3, 5:52 pm