Lump in throat feeling

Hi I have had this feeling all day, after a late night out last night and a few drinks. It actually feels like there is something in my throat and i keep trying to swallow the feeling away but nothing is helping. Has anyone else experianced this! Im not sure if is related to last nights partying or not. Could it be reflux! Its not painful but really uncomfortable.

Beauty_jennyfenny1, Aug 5, 9:07 am

swollen uvula. I get this every now and then for now apparent reason, been under the immunology clinic for it and now have a high dose of Phenergan for it on a daily basis and carry an epi pen. Try googling it.

Beauty_kiwivixin28, Aug 5, 9:25 am

Where in the throat! lower down or further up at the back of the tongue!

Beauty_cookessentials, Aug 5, 9:57 am

Yeah I get it now and then and it goes away. See how it goes over the next week.

Beauty_vwork, Aug 5, 10:01 am

You're best to get proper medical advice.It may not be anything much, and it can be just a common feeling, that hangs around and thinking about it doesn't help.If you need some reassurance now you could ring Healthline 0800 611 116.You may find it gone after a good night's sleep, but see the doctor if you are at all worried.

Beauty_brish, Aug 5, 10:03 am

I had this not long ago, it's a weird feeling. Went to the docs and she concluded it was actually stress related. Can't quite remember what she said about the symptoms that led to it, but, once my stress levels went down, no more feeling like I was swallowing a lump.

Beauty_booksnstuff, Aug 5, 9:58 pm

This ^^^ I had the same also and I think it all came down to stress.It took about 8 months to finally feel it wasn't there.I even paid to go to an ENT specialist as I was convinced I had something sinister going on.

Beauty_bonnie1970, Aug 5, 10:10 pm

Yep same here went and had tests done and it was put down to stress etc the more I thought about it the worse it became. Still worth getting it checked I think.

Beauty_mac934, Aug 6, 1:45 am

I had it to for ages and thought I had throat cancer or something. I was so convinced I was going to die it was a great relief when a Specialist stuck a tube down my throat and decided it was all stress related. It's amazing what stress can do to you!

Beauty_lillol, Aug 6, 3:30 am

I had the same years back when I was under considerable stress.And then the more I worried that the lump might be serious, the worse it seemed to get.When I eventually relaxed, it resolved itself.

Beauty_koo1, Aug 6, 3:37 am

Yes I've had it too - only thing the doctor could put it down to was stress.Give it a couple of weeks and try to ignore it - hard I know.

Beauty_cleo444, Aug 6, 4:09 am

Its a natural reaction to some sort of anxiety. Something has triggered it off and it could be the fact you went out and didnt get much sleep! But definately go to the doctor if you start to get bothered by it. Its not a nice feeling so try not to worry too much.

Beauty_jogirl, Aug 6, 9:15 am

I had the same feeling, & was sent to have an ultrasound & found i had 2 lumps in my thyroid gland, that are pushing against my throat, i have been put on a waiting list to get removed.

Beauty_awhinac, Aug 7, 5:25 am

i hope they have biopsied them by now

Beauty_gabbysnana, Aug 7, 9:01 am

Yes they have, & results came back good, so just having them taken out because they are so annoying.

Beauty_awhinac, Aug 8, 9:12 am

Up date please how are you feeling now!

Beauty_jogirl, Aug 9, 9:20 am

Sounds like you have globus syndrome.

Beauty_patmc, Aug 10, 4:43 am

sorry its been nearly a week! the feeling is not as bad now, but i sometimes i feel it getting worse and then i wont notice it for a day. i guess i have been pretty stressed lately; i feel in over my head at uni and theres some other family stuff going on that has been worrying me. thanks for all your advice guys. so good to know im not alone!

Beauty_jennyfenny1, Aug 10, 9:40 pm

I think this is where the saying 'I've got a lump in my throat' comes from maybe. Meaning you are upset or worried.

Beauty_lillol, Aug 10, 11:56 pm

It is definitely globus syndrome then and will soon go away.

Beauty_patmc, Aug 11, 2:47 am

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Beauty_guest, Oct 3, 3:29 pm

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Beauty_guest, Oct 4, 12:17 pm

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