Coconut oil.does it make you sweat more?

I have been taking coconut oil for just over a week, and boy I do feel better in the mornings-but I am sweating! and I am in chch!

has anyone else found this!I am not cold at all, but am so hot I am sweating which is quite embarrassing.I am having around a tablespoon a day

Beauty_jambee1, Jun 9, 7:17 pm

are you hitting menopase . maybe just coincidence! it does help your metabolism though

Beauty_finlight, Jun 9, 7:50 pm

Lol.had not thought of that! Bugger . Could would I know! Will ask GP next visit


Beauty_jambee1, Jun 9, 8:57 pm

Do you mind me asking in what way you feel better!

Beauty_red38, Jun 9, 9:05 pm