Anyone had any great results! Ive been using it for two months now but don't know if really much different

Beauty_pollyannayeeha, Jul 11, 4:21 pm

Family used to work in the health supplement industry and reports on both Mrs Puraz, and her product were not good. Her tv ads are carefully managed, and without the careful lighting, her skin isn't a good recommendation for her product. And it's expensive, considering the ingredients.

Beauty_oh_hunnihunni, Jul 11, 4:36 pm

I take it, but just started a generic one that is sooooo much cheaper from the health shop, there are a few different options.
The thing I really love is the Thalgo liquid collagen 10 day course, my middle line Between eyes from frowning disappeared and I use the capsules to maintain the result. Ive personally noticed a big difference.

Beauty_tymar, Jul 11, 5:00 pm

That sounds interesting about the Thalgo, will go and have a look tomorrow. I too have deep lines.

Beauty_pollyannayeeha, Jul 11, 6:44 pm

Have had a look online but couldn't find anything but the Thalgo skincare range. Any particular health shop!

Beauty_pollyannayeeha, Jul 11, 6:51 pm

never heard of thalgo.and can't find the liquid collagen at all.although the products are very expensive the reviews are excellent.tymar where do you got yours from

Beauty_browndog2, Jul 11, 8:54 pm

search puraz in the search box on left (over a year)

Beauty_hoppyl, Jul 12, 9:29 am

The TV ad is so blurred that you can't tell what she looks like, if it had really kept her skin looking great she would have a close up!

Beauty_kateley, Jul 12, 9:34 am

Not to mention her hair. If it is supposed to give you better hair I would hate to have seen it before. Her upper lip looks botoxed

Beauty_rose-murray, Jul 12, 9:36 am

oh the puraz lady is revolting. I just want to know more about thalgo

Beauty_browndog2, Jul 12, 9:48 am

have had a couple friends use puraz.not happy at all with results

Beauty_browndog2, Jul 12, 9:48 am

Thalgo products are available through some beauticians.I had a Thalgo facial and my face was absolutely lovely afterwards.I recommend Thalgo and in fact must remember to have one prior to my wedding.

Beauty_kara101, Jul 12, 1:56 pm

thanks kara.must look into it further, or if anyone can recommend where i can buy it on line.that would be awesome.I see strawberrynet has it but not the liquid collagen someone talked about

Beauty_browndog2, Jul 12, 2:09 pm

I've never seen the TV ads etc (we don't have a TV) but the name sounds like dog food!

Beauty_trogedon, Jul 12, 2:12 pm

well you aren't far off. its just the leftover sweepings from meatworks (the connective tissue that doesn't get used for food)

Beauty_quotejoss, Jul 12, 2:16 pm

That womans face in the puraz Ad looks like shes had botox treatment.
She certainly looks everybit her age and considering the amount of years she has been taking puraz it hasnt done her any favours either.

Beauty_toots5, Jul 12, 11:47 pm


found this by googling thalgo liquid collagen

Beauty_rose-murray, Jul 13, 9:16 am

ffs Suzy mrs puraz lady.take a look in the dam mirror.you look like shite!

Beauty_browndog2, Jul 13, 9:38 am

I've been meaning to have a latest look at any reviews on Puraz as I used to take it which I did for a year but didn't actually see any difference especially for the cost. Finally, I'm pleased to see some interesting feedback on the product as I also don't think it's doing Suzy much at all especially seeing her latest Good Morning Advertorial. She does look older and you can actually see lines under her eyes at a certain camera angle.

Beauty_nzpillion, Jul 15, 10:17 pm

Suzy is a postie by day and I've seen her up close - shocking skin and she looks every bit her age. Its known she is botoxed up and its also obvious seeing her on TV. False advertising and anyone can get nice shiny hair by going to a hairdresser.

Beauty_sceptic., Sep 29, 3:46 pm

So obvious you are the same person with a huge chip on her shoulder. .leave suzy alone you idiot

Beauty_helen, Mar 10, 11:39 pm

my god just wanted to find out about what people thought about the product,what a bunch of over judgmental group of ladies,and im sure you are all perfect yourselves,considering you are all taking this product yourselves!i feel sorry for poor suzy!

Beauty_guest, Jun 20, 7:31 pm

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