Bone chips after teeth extractions

I had all my lower teeth removed one month ago and I have three areas on my gum that are sharp as, like bone chips, has anyone else had this and how long does it usually take for them to surface!

Beauty_bloobeered, Jun 3, 5:40 pm

Yes i hadtooth pulled a couple of years ago and had a bit of tooth still left behind.
It was revolting and felt very foreign being there,i couldn't eat on that area.I was always playing with it too.
I went back about a week later but the dentist wouldn't take it out-said it would come on it's own.I got fed up and that night i dug at it with my nail until i worked it lose.

What a relief!

Beauty_jjvn, Jun 3, 5:48 pm

Its not uncommon to have bone chips left behind, especially if you had bone loss to begin with.The bone surrounding the root of a tooth is thin at the best of times, with bone loss it can become paper thin and small pieces can break off easily.These usually do work their way to the surface but larger pieces can be removed if they are causing a lot of pain.

Beauty_datoofairy, Jun 3, 5:50 pm

I have the same problem.Had infected tooth extracted over in Oz in March, have 3 areas on my gum too that are bone chips, waiting patiently for them to surface, sooner the better.

Beauty_dan70, Jun 3, 8:24 pm

i had all my lower teeth removed in nov last year and i had lots of bone chips left. They were really sore for the 1st few months but then got smoother and now they have all gone. They took ages to get smooth gums though. ( mrs mam )

Beauty_mam67, Jun 4, 2:51 pm

Ouch!Been there, done that! If the bone chips are visible, pull them out with your tweezers. Bigger pieces, get the dentist to take them out - mine did, he said they would eventually work their way out, but no need to suffer.
Good luck!

Beauty_bambi58, Jun 4, 3:01 pm

yip quite normal.
last one took 6 months to finally come out.

Beauty_queenofhearts14, Jun 4, 3:04 pm

mine arn't visible, but Ican certainly feel them and I don't want dentures while they are still there. Im waiting three months, but with only two to go, im wondering if i should go back to the dentist to get them out.

Beauty_bloobeered, Jun 4, 6:25 pm

I had my dentures put in straight away and the bone chips were not too bad, after awhile you got used to them against the denture. I have the dentist next week to finally get them relined.

Beauty_tam39, Jun 5, 11:13 am

Thank tam39, I have been reading your old threads about getting your teeth done. I too had immediate dentures for my top teeth (didn't have bone chips that time) but decided it was too painful for me to go that way again, so this time decided to wait 3 mths.

Beauty_bloobeered, Jun 5, 11:16 am

i had no bone chips with my top ones either but lots with the bottom. Weird how that works. Good luck with the bottom ones, when do you get them put in!

Beauty_tam39, Jun 5, 11:22 am

at the end of july. so I have a couple of mths for these bone chips to work there way out.

Beauty_bloobeered, Jun 5, 11:24 am

Mine took ages and they were really quite sharp but all good now thank god. took ages to heal properly with these ones.

Beauty_tam39, Jun 5, 11:26 am

yep, I can't wait till ive got my denture and everything comes right, no more toothache ever!

Beauty_bloobeered, Jun 5, 11:34 am

Famous last words.ever heard of phantom pain!I get it quite often in a "tooth" that was removed years is like a limb amputation.amputees can still feel the pain at times.

Beauty_jag5, Jun 5, 12:23 pm

go back, hubby got his teeth out and 3 yrs later theres still 2 bone chips and one miracle wisdom tooth that are still 'making there way down'.he cant wear his dentures because he can feel the chips!.

Beauty_purplegoanna, Jun 5, 1:32 pm

I have never had phantom pain at all and its fantastic never having to suffer from toothache ever again.

Beauty_tam39, Jun 5, 1:33 pm

you may have to get your dentures re fitted as your gums shrink.

Beauty_purplegoanna, Jun 5, 1:33 pm

i have dentures, had them for over a year, got them put in straight away,need to be relined, they say wait three months i waited 6 months and he said my gums were still shrinking, so i left it for 12 months , deff need doingnow though, glad i wait as they would of needed relining twice

Beauty_gruntabro, Jun 5, 8:54 pm

I've had nothing but trouble with my bottom dentures, they just can't seem to get them right. I get very sore gums where they rub, and this is after having them re-lined 2x. The top ones are fine, although they are due to be re-lined again now.I've had then for 3 years.I'm going to go to another dental tech to see if he can do a better job than the 1st one. They charge enough!

Beauty_bambi58, Jun 6, 4:36 pm