Mammogram now got to have a ultrasound

Went for my first mammogram a couple of weeks ago, thought on Monday cool they haven't rung so must be all good.3 hours later they ring me just as I am going into an important meeting.They have found something not sure what but they want to do the ultrasound to check it all out.Tomorrow is d day for scan and discussion with doctor.Of course I'm terrified of the outcome but also realistically know it may only be a cyst.If its only a cyst do they remove them or what!Obviously others have been through this too can you tell me what has been your outcomes.I'm getting very stressed over this.

Beauty_fourz, Mar 8, 7:15 pm

They will ultrasound it, and if they are still uncertain they will do a biopsy.I had a funky lump, that got ultrasounded, and they still weren't sure, so went all the way through to a core biopsy, only to find that its a fibrous fatty lump. They double check anything, and the great thing is that it hads been found when it is small, so if there was a problem it is much more easily fixed at the early stages.According to the surgeon that did my biopsies, he does heaps of them that are just cysts, or the fibrous fatty lumps and very few that are cancer.

Beauty_deered, Mar 8, 7:20 pm

Yes, been there last year and had a biopsy which showed that there wascalcification and scarring, found that if you can relax while it is being done it is a great help. Good luck, I sure hope things will be fine for you.

Beauty_annies3, Mar 8, 7:26 pm

hi, i found a large lump in my breast a few weeks ago, absolutely panicked (have health anxiety) the doc sent me to a breast clinic so they could do everything at once if they needed to (to avoid having to wait as in your case) they did a mamogram and found a large 'different coloured' spot where the lump was so did an ultrasound (by this stage she showed me how fast my heart was beating and i couldnt breathe properly) turned out to be just thickened ligaments and some small cysts so nothing that had to be dealt with, try not to worry (easy to say i know!) and its more probable that its nothing, good luck and let us know.

Beauty_janine18, Mar 8, 8:15 pm

Another way of looking at your situation is."Yay! They've seen it! I can get something done about it NOW instead of in 2 years time when it's out of control! I WILL live cos they see it now!"

Beauty_soph001, Mar 8, 9:00 pm

Have been through similar experience - lump that went on to have an ultra-sound, was found to be a cyst - 16 mm diameter. It just disappeared within a few months. Try not to worry too much. The staff at the mammography unit were fantastic - incredibly caring and just really nice. Best wishes to you

Beauty_moonbeam25, Mar 8, 9:07 pm

Thanks for all your kindness.Just we have had such a crazy 12 months with an unwell teenager, what was thought to be something relatively easy to fix turned out to be huge and life changing for us all.He ended up requiring major surgery and now has a condition that is quiet rare, so of course now i m on edge that what hopefully is something minor may not be.Will just be glad when its all over.Will check in and let you know tomorrow how I get on.Thanks for your experiences they have helped immensely.

Beauty_fourz, Mar 8, 9:13 pm

Most breast lumps are not cancer, try not to get stressed at this point. The ultrasound is to work out if it's a solid mass or a fluid filled cyst. If it turns out to be a solid lump that still doesn't mean cancer, it could be a harmless fibroadenoma or something else. Some women just have 'interesting' breasts.
They may want to do a fine needle aspiration if it's fluid filled, or a core needle biopsy if it's solid, if they can't be sure what they're looking at. If a biopsy hasn't been mentioned yet then they'll probably make you another appointment if you require one.
I found that all of the ladies at the breast care clinic I went to were lovely and everything about the place was calm. They know you'll be stressing and will take good care of you.

Beauty_lana_forman, Mar 8, 9:17 pm

Soph001 I totally agree with you and that's how I've handled most of the week.I only went to have the mammogram because under my right arm aches and gets really painful at times so the doctor suggested a mammogram.What ever they have found is in the left breast! So I am grateful that it has been found early on. If it is worse case scenario we have medical insurance so wouldn't have to go on a waiting list and would be able to get it attended too as soon as.

Beauty_fourz, Mar 8, 9:18 pm

There's no waiting list for worst case scenario.
You're talking like you've been diagnosed already, seriously, there's so many other things it could be, micro calcifications, etc.

Beauty_lana_forman, Mar 9, 12:19 am

Same thing happened to me recently.Had routine mammogram, got a call-back to go to breast clinic for ultrasounds - had more mammgrams while there and yes there was the "spot" clear to see from several angles.But they tried and tried to find it with ultrasound and couldn't. It just wasn't there on the ultrasound.So they say it was a cyst, they apparently show up on mammogram but not on ultrasound. Couldn't biopsy it because they need to do that via ultrasound, in order to stick the needle in the right place!They told me if it were a tumour it would have shown on the ultrasound.They also told me call-backs are very common and most are not cancer.So please don't stress.

Beauty_animal_rescue, Mar 9, 10:24 am

Well they had fun finding the spot on the ultrasound eventually locating it.They have done a fine needle biopsy to see what that shows as the other biopsy I would have had to have would have put me in hospital for3 or 4 days because I am on warfarin. So have done the fine needle hoping to find something from that otherwise I have to go have a rest in hospital.They seem to think it is benign will know the results from this test next week.The staff are the most amazing people at the clinic and so caring.So now we wait and see Im so much happier now we are on the journey.Thanks for all the lovely positiveness of this thread it really is appreciated.

Beauty_fourz, Mar 9, 12:18 pm

I found a lump and had an ultrasound after a mammogram because I was 31 and it is recommended in younger women who have more dense breast tissue than post-menopausal women. It turned out to be fatty tissue. I preferred the ultrasound to the mammogram. I am 53 now and I have regular mammograms. When it comes to medical tests it's always the anticipatory anxiety that gets to me most. I realise there are procedures to follow but waiting for tests and results can be a harrowing time. Good luck to you fourz.

Beauty_kiwibunz, Mar 9, 4:12 pm

I've have lumps dealt to. 3 removed - just because they couldn't be accurately diagnosed until they were under the microscope.Biopsy didn't do it.No problem with any of them.

Beauty_xxsaffyxx, Mar 10, 8:43 pm

Why do you have to have a mammogram and ultrasound, whats the difference, [ i know what they are] why not one why both.

Beauty_jessebird, Mar 10, 11:17 pm

mammograms and ultrasounds use different imaging methods, so each one gives a different type of picture for the experts to look at.Some things that may be interesting on a mammogram will be able to be seen to be less worrying on ultrasound.Also the brest tissue changes as you age, and the mammogram doesn't always do the best job on a young persons breast.I have had biopsies done, without a prior mammogram because my age meant that the mammogram wasn't going to be very clear.

Beauty_deered, Mar 10, 11:23 pm

In my case I had an ultrasound first, because they knew there was something there to look at and my age means I have dense breast tissue which someone interpreting a mammogram would have trouble with. I did get a mammogram as well anyway and came back for an ultrasound guided core needle biopsy.

Beauty_lana_forman, Mar 11, 9:57 am

Thoughts to you Fourz - hope all goes well for you.

Beauty_mybooks, Mar 11, 2:02 pm

Sending positive vibes to you too.Something like 8 out of 10 lumps are benign.I drew the short straw of an agressive wee bc but after a lumpectomy, and further treatment am fine 6 years down the track.Guess is was because mine was found so early.The waiting for results is the horrible horrible bit.Good luck.

Beauty_landylass, Mar 11, 10:16 pm

Scary stuff, but your onto it now thats the main thing. Wishing you all the best !

Beauty_jojonz1, Mar 12, 3:08 pm

Thanks everyone have got an appointment on Thursday for the results of the biopsy so will post result then.

Beauty_fourz, Mar 13, 10:20 pm

I think that's good news already fourz. To get my results I got a call at 8pm from a nurse at my GP's office telling me to come in the next day. When I asked what time the appointment was she said there wasn't one, just come in whenever I could and someone would see me.
Mine wasn't good news, but I think yours will be because I don't think they'd delay if it were something bad.

Beauty_lana_forman, Mar 14, 12:46 am

Great news the nurse from the Breast Screening rang this afternoon to say that the tests were all clear and I don't have to go to the appointment tomorrow.I am to have mammograms every 2 years which is pretty standard I think.So so relieved.Thank you all for you support it really has been appreciated.Good luck and best wishes to those that have not been as lucky as what I have been.My thoughts are with you all ways.

Beauty_fourz, Mar 14, 7:15 pm

Great news. Glad it all turned out ok.

Beauty_paulap, Mar 14, 7:49 pm

great to hear!

Beauty_landylass, Mar 15, 12:38 pm

Aren't we lucky with our Breast Screening in NZ!I have have them every year since I was 38- you can get them paid for on your Health Insurance Southern Cross has an allowance for them.

Beauty_willsmom, Mar 15, 2:19 pm

Great news,! now for some more, when I last had a mammogram and had to have the biopsy I commented to the Dr that it would be my last as I am now outside the age range and he told me not to tell everyone but they are not allowed to turn down anyone who turns up at the brest clinic for a mammogram.

Beauty_annies3, Mar 15, 2:28 pm

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