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gjva, Feb 9, 4:36am
OMG I was 56 kgs before I left for the hospital, had my op at 11am, was back home by 4pm and weighed myself at shower time as usual, thinking the weight would of fallen off me as I hadnt eaten all day, well. I weighed 58.5 kilos!I was gobsmacked!Has this happened to anybody else and does the weight of all the fluid disappear soon!I bloody hope so.

wynsome, Feb 9, 4:52am
It will just be fluid. Drink lots of water to flush it out and stay off the scales for a few days.

gjva, Feb 9, 4:53am
Thanks for the advice wynsome, I will get drinking heaps immediately. you're awesome!

mrsdoubtfire, Feb 9, 5:08am
dont know what op you had, but the body's natural response to trauma is to retain fluid, it should disappear again within a few days.

kiwivixin28, Feb 9, 6:14am
IMO dont go drinking more to flush it out all that will do is strain the kidneys which are now already filtering more than usual. Let your body adjust over the next few days, drink when you are thirsty as normal :)

gjva, Feb 9, 6:53am
Thanks Mrs Doubtfire and kiwivixin28, u guys are great responding.I will only drink when i'm thirsty for the next few days.and hope all gets back to normal

chariot27, Feb 9, 11:57am
Yes it will come off.I panicked too but after 4 days I was even a kg lighter than before.

gjva, Feb 9, 7:46pm
WOW Chariot27, u did so well!Losing an extra kilo frombefore is awesome.So far I am still 58.6, I feel very bloated, its yuk!It sure does panic u. but reading what u said makes me feel a lot better, thanks

dizzywitch, Feb 9, 8:29pm
i dunno what op you had, but if it was a tummy or bowel one, they usually fill you up with air, so maybe thats it!

gjva, Feb 9, 8:40pm
It wasnt a tummy or bowel op, so its not air.

jase.and.jules, Feb 10, 7:50am
It is the saline infusion you're given.You'll pee it out.

kiwivixin28, Feb 10, 7:58am
This might make you feel better lol

After my kidney transplant i was carrying an extra 12kgs of fluid LOL Of course they have to do this but it still freaked me out lol

gjva, Feb 10, 8:17am
Thanks guys it sure does help me to feel a bit better xxx

uli, Feb 10, 8:43am
You are stressing out because of an additional 2.5kg after day surgery!

gjva, Feb 10, 9:23am
Yes I am, i am sure most ladies would, as my weight is always the same at 56 kgs on the button

dinx, Feb 10, 10:52am
Relax, you would have been given lots of IV fluids in surgery to be able to give you meds and your body has been stressed.Weight that is gained or falls off you that fast is just fluid.Actually most ladies would not be freaking about this under the circumstances understanding things like this happen so I suspect you might want to keep in mind you reactions may be altered from normal due to the medications you have been given.I am pretty sure you will find a referrence to this on the documents you should have been given about not making major decisions or be left alone for 24 hours post-op as you are affected by anaethetic.

kiwivixin28, Feb 10, 10:56am
Dont be too harsh guys this might have been the OPs first ever surgery, it can be a bit freaky and alot to take in.

dinx, Feb 10, 11:16am
I'm more concerned that OP feels the need to weigh herself twice a day, even if she did have surgery, but she does need to remember she may not be clearheaded due to the medications, even if she thinks she is.Its something that is always pointed out to my pre-ops even after so many,and even when DP had his wisdom teeth out.They said he will tell you he's fine, he's not and don't leave him in charge of the kids etc

erosmf, Feb 10, 11:16pm
I hadnt eaten for 5 days from start to finish.had an appendix op and weighed 4 or 5 kgs heavier after. Very bloated and puffy with saline in blood and air pumped into my stomach. Its all gone down gradually, but has taken about a week and a half.

lana_forman, Feb 10, 11:22pm
That is mental weighing yourself twice a day. Your weight should fluctuate throughout the day. As you wake up dehydrated you should be going to bed after a day of being properly fed and hydrated thus weighing more.

gjva, Feb 11, 2:55am
Thats not how my body works.I am always the same weight give or take 100-200 grams on the lighter side. So me with my weight up like that after my op is so out of the ordinary for me, but I know I will get back to where is was soon

uli, Feb 11, 6:27am
Well I am a female.
And I had surgery - and I wouldn't give a rats @ss how much I weigh afterwards.

I would be much more interested in rehabbing and getting better.

But each to their own. keep stressing out. Usually stress will remove extra kilos.

I wish you best of luck with your recovery too.

coffeeman5, Feb 11, 7:18am
Also, you have most likely been immobile for the majority of the op day.Immobile = fluid retention, coupled with your body's natural reaction to trauma, you are likely to weigh more but definitely will be temporary.

gjva, Feb 11, 7:47am
Hey Uli and Coffeeman5 thanks so much for your kind words, they make me feel a lot better xx

gjva, Feb 11, 8:58pm
Well my friends, its taken 4 days but now my weight is even better than before I went to hospital YAHOO!55.8 kgs,so thanks one and all for your kind words for me on here. it kept me very positive x

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