Viral Meningitis

honeyb, Dec 5, 8:47am
Anyone suffered from this.Did you experience severe headaches andif so did you find anyway of relieving them.

cleo444, Dec 5, 9:04am
I trust you have been to a doctor, a hospital!

mandy1968, Dec 5, 9:06am
Two of my sons had it (one immediately after the other) .ended up in Starship .they are both ok

honeyb, Dec 5, 9:14am
Yes just spent the last week in hospital, had scan and lumbar puncture to rule out bacterial meningitis and other possibilities.I have been told the headaches can be an after affect. Just wondering if anyone had experienced similar.

mandy1968, Dec 5, 9:15am
Sorry honeyb , that wasn't much help to you but yes they did have awful headaches, sensitivity to light (eyes), vomiting, stiff neck, temp but no rash.

honeyb, Dec 5, 9:22am
Mandy I feel for how your boys must have felt but pleased they are now recovered.I hope I will feel a whole lot better soon.

mandy1968, Dec 5, 9:27am
Thank you : )I couldnt believe that we were sent to the waiting roomwith one of my boys,where other kids were waiting,hospital knowing that they had symptoms for meningitis !!They both went throough the lumbar punctures and both recovered quickly bUt was very scarey not knowing if it was the other type of meningitis or not

mandy1968, Dec 5, 9:28am
Wishing you a speedy recovery

veryquicksilver, Dec 6, 1:33am
I had that a few years ago and the headaches were terrible, I was on panadol and anti-inflammatory for a week, took a few weeks to get over it, also have had the bacterial meningitis too when I was 18 months old.

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