About dental braces

romreyes, Dec 6, 3:53am
hi there,just would like to ask an opinion from you guys about dental braces, my daughter will be coming to christchurch in two months time from singapore, and im thinking of giving her a dental braces and supposedly it will be put while in singapore, its cheaper there compared here,self ligating or ordinary,.would there be a dentist in chch that would accept to follow through the adjustment of the braces!thanks

mrsdoubtfire, Dec 6, 4:12am
it is an orthodontist you need rather than a dentist, and I'm sure any of them will provide follow up tightens/repairs etc at your cost. When they are put on the price usually includes all the follow up/brushes/elastics etc, but if the initial putting on of them is already done the payments would be done separately, but you'd need to ring around and just ask.

romreyes, Dec 6, 4:35am
hi, thanks,.i'll start looking for one,.hopefully its not that dear as i was expecting,.cheers

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