Conceiving - best nutrients and stuff to take?

flemingo, Dec 5, 11:52pm
whats the best vits etc for getting heealthy have been told i may be mal nourished!

vmax2, Dec 5, 11:58pm
What are you currently eating!

sarahb5, Dec 6, 12:04am
Eating just vitamins won't help if you are malnourished - you need actual real food.Make sure you BMI is within the healthy range for your height and start taking folic acid.

shadowzz, Dec 6, 12:27am
Is folic acid real food!

sarahb5, Dec 6, 2:06am
It's added to bread and occurs naturally in plenty of foods anyway so actually yes it is but to be sure you're getting enough to prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida in your baby you can and should take the supplement

norse_westie, Dec 6, 2:14am
Reduce carbs. Think "white", so rice, bread, potatoes, pasta, noodles and all obvious sugar. Increase lean red meat and (safe) fish. Increase protein, especially meat and eggs (unless vegetarian)but other sources are nuts, tempeh, tofu, dairy (low fat except for yoghurt, when Greek is the best).Fruit is good (FRESH) but only 2-3 servings a day. Increase vegies, but not the starchy ones (pumpkin, potato, corn, kumara, carrots). Leafy greens are best and as close to raw as possible, ie crunchy when cooked, not boiled half to death.

Beware listeria laden foods: some fresh cheeses, unpastuerized milk, raw fish/seafood (and this includes marinated mussles), deli meats such as ham and shaved beef etc. Creams/custards from places that have not chilled it safely (ie bakeries).

Pretty much a diet as close to whole and natural as possible is best - the more processed food you eat the more chemicals you put into your body and baby. Avoid caffiene, and especially energy drinks. Also artificially sweetened drinks - keep to a bare minimum. Drink water as your main drink - 8 glasses a day at least.

Yes, also increase folic acid - there is probably not enough in fortified foods, so pregnant women should take folic acid tablets from the pharmacy. Also added to that is iodine tablets (both can be prescribed and so cheaper).

If you can afford it take fish oil capsules (or hemp oil if vegetarian) and B complex. If your diet is lacking then a good quality iron supplement can help also.

buzzy110, Dec 6, 4:30am
Folic Acid is not naturally occuring in anything. It is a man made substance. Folate is the natural occurring vitamin. I'm not convinced that the man-made product is anywhere near as good for you as that which is found in real food and, in some instances, can be counter to health. You should see the problems I experienced when consuming, unknowingly, folic acid.

buzzy110, Dec 6, 4:36am
Don't worry. The Irony is that most westerners are malnourished in the midst of plenty. All those huge, overweight people you see waddling about the place are almost as malnourished as the starving in Third World Countries.

Why not give eating nutrient dense food a go and see how that works for your health! No one can say for sure what foods are best for fertility and conception. Starving Third World women can conceive without any problems at all. However, these women have been raised from birth on a diet of natural, fresh, unprocessed foods as have all the generations that have gone before them and so are natural baby makers. A few generations on survival rations from the Western world will put paid to that, but in the meantime they reproduce easily.

Research has been done on flour. Mice fed a diet of freshly ground flour have no trouble conceiving. Mice fed on a diet of flour that has been ground, maybe days, weeks or months (like what we eat everyday) became infertile after 3 generations.

sarahb5, Dec 6, 5:21am
Bit nit-picky isn't it since I gave a link to foods containing naurally occurring folate!

kknickers, Dec 6, 6:34am
I took thompsons Pregnacare vitamins, good for conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding:)

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