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vectorform, Apr 25, 8:15pm
Bring rice to the boil lower heat cook for 10 minutes remove from heat and let sit for 10 minutes

sarahb5, Apr 25, 11:24pm
Like I said, I've tried every which way and no matter what I do it ends up a gluggy mess so I'm happy to use my rice cooker and get perfect rice every time

chrisbarton, Apr 25, 11:28pm
This is what to do if your boiled rice is gluggy and rubbish. Rinse the COOKED rice thoroughly in a colander. If have time put in fridge for a while. Then nuke for 2-3 mins till opiping hot. Removes all the starch and seperates the rice. unfortunately also removes the salt!

sarahb5, Apr 25, 11:41pm
I know the theory, I have read all the tips but to be honest if I can use the rice cooker and get it perfect every time without additional phaffing around why would I stop using it now I've got it!

thornton1961, Apr 26, 12:44am
I use a microwave rice cooker. perfect rice in 7-9 mins.

edjill41, Apr 26, 1:01am
Yes, they have the highest rate of diabetes in the world.Also other Asian populations who eat a lot of rice, have huge problems with joints

angeldust33, Apr 26, 4:39am
OMG are you all doctors

Do not believe everything you read. Use a little common sense when it comes to anything.

I use a rice cooker which comes with plastic tools to deal with the rice so you don't scratch the surface of the pot. I tend to bulk cook my rice and store in fridge that way I only use once a week. Rice is better than bread as it has no gluten.

vomo2, Apr 30, 9:36pm
Microwave 1 cup rice to 2 cups water. 12 minutes. Or even better for 1 or 2people, the 2 minute sachets!

spellcheck, May 5, 9:02am
I use a rice cooker that is a completely sealed unit. It has a removable cord and is programmable. Much better than the basic electric rice cookers.

joey246, May 6, 12:39am
I use a rice cooker regularly
and funnily enough Im still alive and have seen no ill effects from using it

tigra, May 7, 8:50pm
This is complete rubbish.In fact the highest rates of Diabetes in the world is in the Pacific islands .Nauru for example. But also North America rate is growing at an alarming rate. But Diabetes is increasing worldwide withsome of the highest rates in the Middle east and North Africa. Generally 7% of the worlds population is diabetic and its getting worse. I guess somebody withsome weird theories will say its down to GM experimentation and control of the worlds crops by corporations.

vidman, Dec 2, 10:55am
My wife and I got really sore and painful limbs at the same time We have narrowed it down to when we use our rice cooker to cook rice.
When the rice is cooked in a pot no problems.
Apparently something in the rice reacts with the alliuminium and creates metal poisoning.
Any one else with the above problems !

hoppyl, Dec 2, 4:02pm
arent they stainless!

wingee, Dec 2, 4:39pm
Waits with interest, as we have one to, but cant say we have come across this before.-
.(Mrs W)

sarahb5, Dec 2, 8:42pm
Mine's Teflon coated I think .

vmax2, Dec 2, 10:03pm
I have one which I don't use now after I read about the health problems associated with teflon coated products.Google it and find out yourself.This could well be what you're reacting to.

hazelnut2, Dec 2, 10:55pm
If your teflon is coming off the rice cooker, throw it away!

Anyway, it's super easy to cook good rice in a pot:Bring to a rolling boil 1.5 cups water for every cup of rice. Add the rice and turn off the element straight away.Leave for at least 20 mins, fluff up with a fork.

sarahb5, Dec 2, 11:07pm
I can't cook rice to save myself without my rice cooker - I've tried every method and type of rice, still comes out horrible

prawn_whiskas, Dec 2, 11:12pm
Wouldn't surprise me in the least. Google "teflon Flu" and you will see why your cookware is killing you slowly.

bopeep80, Dec 2, 11:58pm
The teflon starting flaking off my rice cooker so I threw it away and got one of these!par=0&Cat=0&Prod=4129

Easier to use the the electic rice cooker, easy to clean, and I also use mine for cooking pasta and veges.

prawn_whiskas, Dec 3, 12:05am
Now you just have the problem of BPA ending up in your food from the plastic product (can see it contains BPA as its clear and hard plastic) You might as well eat the teflon.

kirmag, Dec 3, 1:41am
Hmmmm might go back to the old pot then.

hoppyl, Dec 3, 2:52am
+1.its easy!jasmine or basmati doesnt clog up, and never stir it when its cooking

uli, Dec 3, 3:14am
A good enough reason to give up eating rice don't you think!

tigra, Dec 3, 3:44am
Highly unlikely. Millions of people around the world cook rice in them daily. Almost all rice cookers are made of aluminium and lots of other cooking is done in aluminium containers with no adverse effects.

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