The Carb Lovers Diet

knowsley, Nov 20, 6:18am
Bump for the Carb Lovers

vintagekitty, Nov 20, 6:33am
oh funny, yet I am the one still able to post and buzzy has imploded. All that reporting has not worked that well!

vintagekitty, Nov 20, 6:33am
to quote myself

carolann4, Nov 20, 6:47am

rosenshan, Dec 6, 3:19am
Just watched this on Rachael Ray and have ordered the book. Anyone tried this!

vintagekitty, Dec 6, 3:28am
I saw it as well. I smiled when she was saying those that are carb free are just mean, nasty and bitchy. I then thought of posters on here who are forever banging on about low carbing.

rosenshan, Dec 6, 3:43am
Yeah, I love my carbs, and i don't believe in diets as such, too much starvation in most of them but this seems like it might be a go. Lets face it, carbs are filling so theoretically, one wouldn't get hunger pains on this diet. I will give it a go.

uli, Dec 6, 3:50am
Good luck!
Is this a diet to gain weight!

mottly, Dec 6, 4:01am
what's it called rosenshan!

rosenshan, Dec 6, 4:12am
Not to gain weight, to lose weight. and mottly, it's called the carb lovers diet.

buzzy110, Dec 6, 4:15am
You can find plenty of Carb Lover's Diet books in second hand shops for next to nothing. I wouldn't go paying good money for a book that many many people have purchased and abandoned in such abundance.

nfh1, Dec 6, 4:19am
A bit like the Atkins Diet books then - showing that what suits one does not suit everyone!

buzzy110, Dec 6, 4:20am
The only person with a sour demeanour on here, with a nasty and bitchy penchant is you. Wasn't it you who started a hate thread with a nasty and bitchy title! And wasn't it so bad that it was removed by TM soon after the starting!

buzzy110, Dec 6, 4:22am
That is excellent advice. Anyone wanting either of those two books could get them cheaply and save many dollars in the process. There is always at least one Dr Atkins book to at least 5 Carbohydrate Diet books in my local Hard To Find Bookshop. I'd always recommend going there second, after trying the library for a free copy. Just don't buy one new just because you saw it promoted on TV.

holly-rocks, Dec 6, 4:53am
I saw that too. She certainly lost alot of weight!

uli, Dec 6, 6:06am
Which she did not necessarily do with that particular diet :)

knowsley, Dec 6, 6:25am
"she was saying those that are carb free are just mean, nasty and bitchy."

tigeraptor2001, Dec 6, 7:31am

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