Perthes Disease

joskiwi, Dec 3, 8:11am
anyone had this and then a total hip replacement!

mac934, Dec 3, 8:41am
my grandson had this and is now 100% all good didnt need anything done just regular xrays, to show its progress.

samanthadawn, Dec 4, 12:21am
I had it as a child and have bad problems now (I'm 21) but they won't replace mine until I'm older.

mrsrickp, Dec 6, 12:02am
My bro has it and has always had it. He's 53 now and no surgery or pain. His legs get tired but thats about it.

huntlygirl, Dec 6, 7:18am
My grandson was diagnosed at 5 and at 16 he is in severe pain but is to young to have a replacement done.

knowsley, Dec 6, 7:38am
What is the current treatment for it! I had it when younger and was bedridden with weights attached to my legs via elastic plaster, which had to be ripped off every 6 weeks. Not a pleasant time. 18 months in traction and 12 months with a caliper - I'm guessing the treatment now isn't so medieval!

joskiwi, Dec 6, 8:33am
Yes I had it as a child and now at 57yr had one hip done 2.5 yrs ago andnow the next is overdue grrrr not pleasant
still pain in both

houstylou, Dec 6, 8:54am
My late Dad has Perthes Diseases as a child and like knowsley, was bedridden with weights attached to his legs, and in traction etc.He never required a hip replacement as an adult.

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