Your experience with Maxalt Melt

omaria, Dec 4, 8:25pm
for migraines.I have been given this by my doctor as I have been getting a few more migraines than the usual 2-3 a year.

southerngurl, Dec 4, 9:11pm
their really good, but u have to take it pretty much as soon as u feel one coming on, otherwise its too late.

mich1976, Dec 4, 9:12pm
My husband has been getting migraines more often than usual. Please let us know how you do with the Maxalt. I have been thinking of sending him to the doc to get some. He has been to the doc to try and find out why he gets them. They say its stress related.

jenark, Dec 4, 9:37pm
Yep, I found them good too but as southerngurl said, you need to take it as soon as you feel it coming on.Easy to take (dissolve under the tongue) and pleasant tasting too.

omaria, Dec 5, 12:18am
how about side effects! If I am getting one when I am at work I need to know if I can still function normally.

skye2, Dec 5, 1:54am
In my experience,I take them as soon as I feel a migraine coming on and have no side effects

queenofhearts14, Dec 5, 2:52am
My husband takes them. and they are great!

For the first time in years he has found something that works.He had tried so many different things.
Will work for some and not others.
Fingers x for you, its the best thing we ever did was going to dr and trying these.
because he gets them regularly the dr has now put him on a pill each day to suppress migraines.
Fingers x these work.

razell, Dec 5, 3:17am
Great things - I have had no side effects.Usually feel back to normal within an hour.

omaria, Dec 5, 6:32pm
When you get the first signs of a migraine and take the Maxalt melt can you continue as normal, it's important I know because of my work. Maybe I need a weekend migraine to try them out LOL

skye2, Dec 5, 11:47pm
In my experience the answer is YES

omaria, Dec 6, 5:35am
thanks skye, now that I got the meds i not had a migraine in almost 3 weeks, they are working well LOLOL

18jack11, Dec 6, 7:38am
They work briliantly and are really good. But for me they knock me out completly. Within about 10 minutes of taking them I am asleep for at least 3 - 4 hours and I cannot be woken, can't move etc. But this is a normal side effect as spoke to my doc. My advice would be be careful for the first few times (it only happened to me the second time I took it) and be prepared to have a few hours free. Everyone can react differently.

nelrow, Dec 6, 8:54am
Had migraines for over forty years now. Tried everything that was available nothing worked. Dr said to try Maxalt Melt , thought it would be a waste of time but they have been wonderful.As the others have said take as soon as you feel one coming on or they wont work. Please try them they are brilliant.

omaria, Dec 6, 9:21am
thanks everyone i do appreciate the feedback, and will try them doc gave me 6 (2 packets of 3 each)

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