Motor Neurone

judeneil, Oct 10, 3:55am
Is there anyone on Trade Me who has this condition, and would be willing to share anything about it!

demala, Oct 10, 3:59am
Hi, my sister passed away from this condition last year - can I be of any help !

shadowzz, Oct 10, 5:18am

chphilp, Oct 10, 6:39am
my father also had it - happy to answer any questions

judeneil, Oct 10, 6:40am
Thanks demala, I may well be in touch.

Shadowzz - I am a little suspicious of sites that offer 'cures' as they can prove to be expensive & often out of reach for people, but thanks for that.

edit to thank chphilp - that could be helpful too.

molly37, Oct 10, 7:43am
Hey there, My mother had this horrid disease and passed away this Easter. Happy to share any info. Have you looked on line at the Yahoo Forums etc.

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