Aching legs

kenworthman, Dec 6, 10:58am
What causes it ,Its lower past my knee.its enough to notice its there but not sore.happens some nights

Any ideas to why

wingee, Dec 6, 6:20pm
Probably called restless legs!-I used to get it quite often.Starting taking Magnesium tablets,and iover a period of time t went away.My doctor did a blood test and it showed although I was eating enough food containing magnesium my body wasnt absorbing it.(Mrs W)

pepperanne, Dec 6, 9:31pm
that and it can also be a sign of nerve pain from a gluten intolorance

cleo444, Dec 6, 10:55pm
It could be coming from your back, also after I had the flu I had aching legs at night for weeks

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