Can you drink alcohol while taking St Johns Wort?

deadfall, Dec 6, 2:06am
Does anyone have reliable information on this please!

tony9, Dec 6, 3:46am
Sort of defeats the purpose.Why would you take an anti-depressant and a substance known to cause depression!

j96, Dec 6, 9:27pm
I take st johns wort and drink one a week and i'm fine:-)

Its not just for depression, i take it for PMT

lazkaz, Dec 7, 3:09am
its probably alcohol based anyway.just don't indulge should be safe maybe check with your chemist or health shop a phone call should suffice.

norse_westie, Dec 7, 4:25am
Ask yourself why you need alcohol.
TBH the use of alcohol is not a good idea when depressed, or taking anti-depressants of any kind, even "natural".

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