cky_princess, Dec 6, 11:25am
Its late and Im tired so Im not even sure right now what I mean, but the joint from the hand to the finger! I'll feel stupid in the morning if I realise they are actually knuckles. Anyway, they get sore randomly on and off but the last few days they've been quite bad, especially in one hand and it occasionally hurts to do things like picking stuff up or just grasping hard. So without me having to pay $33 to see the doctor just yet, anyone know what could be causing this or what it could be from! Thanx if you have any idea :-)

wingee, Dec 6, 6:23pm
Arthritis!or maybe retaining fluid!I know my jointsswell and sometimes ache due to the humidity getting higher, probably pay to go to the doctor regardless, just for peace of mind too.(Mrs W)

cky_princess, Dec 7, 4:50am
Never thought about retaining fluid which Ive noticed has been a problem the past week or so. My symptoms from a condition I have are a bit stronger this week too so it may be linked to that, have had my bloods done today though and will go by that.
Thanx :-)

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