Pain, pins and needles

dwmouat, Dec 19, 2:14am
The last few weeks I have been getting pain off and on in my calves. The last two days I've been getting random waves of pins and needles in the soles of my feet. Ideas!

missybenj, Dec 19, 3:51am
YES! I had pain in my calves and pins and needles in my feet so got on the net and decided I had MS.Went to dr to confirm self diagnosis (he laughed at me- how rude!) and he said I had a virus of all things.All thesymptoms did eventually go but it took about 3-4 weeks.I would still check with your GP though for peace of mind.

skye2, Dec 19, 5:34am
Are you on statin drugs! If so google side effects.

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