Itchy skin in sunlight?

pepperanne, Dec 20, 1:57am
ok so this sounds weird but I have started to get really itchy skin when it is exposed to sunlight-esp my back.I have been to the doctors and had a skin scraping incase it was a fungal infection but results were clear.
Any idea of what this could be so I dont waste another $35 at the doctor for nothing!

hakatere1, Dec 20, 2:28am
I googled your thread title and goodness me, it's a common problem, eg,

pepperanne, Dec 20, 2:41am
oh wow,thanks,it never even crossed my mind to google it for some reason.My doctor has been testing for alot of things like lukemia as i have a few symptoms like tirdness etc-all the symptoms of lupus now i have googld lupus.

surfbluedog, Dec 20, 3:28am
Could it be an allergy!
My SIL is allergic to the sun, and comes out in hives whenver exposed.

prawn_whiskas, Dec 20, 3:36am
Could very well be Sun allergy or sun sensitivity, especially if you have been sun burnt in that area in the past year or so.It can take a few years to go away.Very important not to expose the skin to UV rays (always keep covered and I dont mean with sun screen I mean clothing!) I had it on the top of my shoulders, took 2 seasons to go away.

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