Shampoo and conditioner for extensions!

I've just had my extensions put in, I LOVE them! I want them to last as long as possible, is there any products I should or shouldn't be using on them!

Beauty_luvmykicks, Dec 29, 7:34 pm

i have ultra fine hair and am so tempted to get extensions for body more than anything.

Beauty_micfee, Dec 29, 8:40 pm

manacare have just got extensions into chemists they are 70 dollars and look so real my daughter just got one and it looks amazing. she got the brown and its the same colour as her hair. go and look at them . we also brought another of a friend she had paid 200 for. and the manicare one is nicer.

Beauty_hotstuff111, Dec 29, 8:53 pm

my friend did mine so I got a fair lot put in for 170 and they look amazing.

Beauty_luvmykicks, Dec 29, 9:13 pm